Why did Winsteads close?

Why did Winsteads close?

The KC area restaurants lost in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. Plaza III Steakhouse, which operated on the Country Club Plaza for decades before relocating to Overland Park, has shut its doors for good. With the Winstead’s closing, now only two are left — just east of the Plaza and in Overland Park.

Where is Winsteads located?

Kansas City, Missouri
Winstead’s /ˈwɪnstɛdz/ is a hamburger chain based in Kansas City, Missouri.

How old are Winsteads?

About 85 years (1936)

When did Winsteads open?


Did Winsteads go out of business?

Winstead’s, which now is down to two area locations, has wrapped up its Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The restaurant chain best known for its steakburgers filed for bankruptcy on Feb. 24, 2020, listing $6,400 in cash and checking and $1.48 million in liabilities.

Who owns Winstead’s in Kansas City?

Nabil Haddad
Before Coming To America, Winstead’s Owner Nabil Haddad Was Baghdad’s Burger Tycoon | KCUR 89.3 – NPR in Kansas City.

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