Which engineering specialization is best?

Which engineering specialization is best?

[Engineering salary data comes from Payscale].

  • Biomedical Engineering.
  • Mechanical Engineering.
  • Computer Engineering.
  • Aerospace Engineering.
  • Electrical Power Engineering.
  • Chemical Engineering. Starting salary: $74,700.
  • Nuclear Engineering. Starting salary: $76,500.
  • Petroleum Engineering. Starting salary: $97,400.

Can you get a general engineering degree?

Graduates with a bachelor’s degree in General Engineering can find many career fields where they can use their education. Typical job titles of the General Engineering graduate include: Development Engineer. Engineer.

Which is better engineering or IAS?

IAS is a respectful and secure job. If you are concerned about payscale, then obviously an engineer can make more money than an ias. The sector also provides you opportunities to work in foreign. Good engineers get paid in crores.

Who earns more IAS or IES?

Both IES officers and IAS officers are Class A Gazetted officers. However, the nature of their service reflects the difference in their repute and public recognition….Difference Between IAS and IES.

Salary Same salary structure while joining Same salary structure while joining

How many IAS are engineers?

The trend is not limited to the IAS alone. Nearly half of those who crack the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) civil services examination are engineering graduates, the government had said in a written reply in the Rajya Sabha last year. In fact, of the 20 UPSC toppers in 2017, 19 were engineers, it had said.

What are 5 different fields of engineering?

Here are five different types of engineering jobs explained.

  • Mechanical Engineering.
  • Electrical Engineering.
  • Industrial Engineering.
  • Chemical Engineering.
  • Civil Engineering.

What is the salary of IAS per month?

UPSC IAS Starting & Maximum Salary

Post Salary Per Month
IAS Starting Salary Rs. 56100/-
Highest Salary of IAS Officer (Cabinet Secretary) Rs. 250000/-

What is the salary of a government engineer?

Total Pay Average The typical Government of India Engineer salary is ₹64,413. Engineer salaries at Government of India can range from ₹16,001 – ₹1,85,539. This estimate is based upon 12 Government of India Engineer salary report(s) provided by employees or estimated based upon statistical methods.

Who earns more software engineer or IAS?

the salary of an ias officer is also more than an average software engineer. also there are a lot of other facilities given to an ias officer.

Which engineering is best for government jobs?

Engineering branches that will help one get Government job easily

  1. 1 Electrical Engineering. Electrical Engineering.
  2. 2 Mechanical Engineering. Mechanical Engineering.
  3. 3 Chemical Engineering.
  4. 4 Civil Engineering.
  5. 5 Electronics and Communications Engineering.
  6. 6 Biotechnology.
  7. 7 Petroleum Engineering.
  8. 8 Agricultural Engineering.

Which type of engineering is the easiest?

Civil/environmental engineering, industrial engineering, software engineering are all easier. Note that there is usually a distinction between Computer Engineering and Software Engineering.

Can I be an engineer if I am bad at physics?

No, if you are bad in physics, getting an F, you will not be able to do engineering.

Which engineering is best for UPSC?

Civil engineering