Is Elon University a good college?

Is Elon University a good college?

2021 “Best Colleges” Elon is ranked by U.S. News & World Report as the #88 National University, with a #2 ranking for excellence in undergraduate teaching for the second straight year and a #10 ranking for Most Innovative National University.

How did Elon University get its name?

Located five miles from Burlington, the plot for the new college was filled with oak trees. Upon clearing the land, the Southern Christian Conference thought it appropriate to name the college, Elon, the Hebrew word for oak. In 1889, Elon College opened its doors to 76 students and the first president was William S.

Is Elon University a d1 school?

Elon is a member of the Colonial Athletics Association, and the Phoenix athletics program includes 17 intercollegiate men’s and women’s sports in NCAA Division I (FCS football).

Is Elon University a religious school?

Christian Faith at Elon Our Christian groups include a wide range of worship styles and theological perspectives. Some are more traditional, some more contemporary. Some are evangelical and some progressive. All are welcome and part of the vibrant diversity of Elon University.

Is Elon University Expensive?

For federal financial aid purposes, indirect costs including books, transportation, and miscellaneous expenses (set at $3,500) are added to tuition, fees, room, and board to determine Elon University’s official total cost of attendance, which is $54,562 for 2020-2021.

Who founded Elon University?

Christian Connection

When was Elon founded?


What division is Elon football?

NCAA Division I Football Championship Subdivision

Is Elon University safe?

Although Elon has experienced a lower incidence of crime than surrounding areas, our community is not immune to crime. The number of incidents occurring on the campus can be reduced if all members of the community practice everyday precautions that will help to make a safe community. BE ALERT.

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How many students are enrolled at Elon University?

6,791 (2017)