What is MLO oil?

What is MLO oil?

Sunspray Mosquito Larvicide Oil (MLO) is a mineral oil for the use of controlling mosquito larvae and pupae. When applied to the water it leaves a thin surface film which suffocates the larvae and pupae.

Is larvicide a chemical?

A larvicide (alternatively larvacide) is an insecticide that is specifically targeted against the larval life stage of an insect. Their most common use is against mosquitoes. Larvicides may be contact poisons, stomach poisons, growth regulators, or (increasingly) biological control agents.

Is larvicide harmful to humans?

Bti is the primary material used for mosquito control because of its low toxicity to non-target species. Larvicides are more effective and less toxic than adult mosquito sprays, and the applications are unlikely to result in human exposure.

What is larval control?

Larval control may be implemented through environmental modification – draining and filling – or through use of larvacides. Though biological control using fish is often used, evidence for its effectiveness is limited.

Is larvicide toxic?

Use of this larvicide does not pose an unreasonable health risks to humans or other wildlife and it will not leach into the ground water supply. Methoprene is moderately toxic to some fish, shrimp, lobster, and crayfish, and highly toxic to some fish and freshwater invertebrates; it bioaccumulates in fish tissues.

What is larval dipping?

Mosquito larvae are found in many different types of aquatic habitats, from tree holes to salt marshes. While not a direct measure of the number of biting adult mosquitoes, dipping surveys do show where mosquitoes are breeding, and are very important in Larviciding efforts.

Do homemade mosquito traps work?

Do vinegar mosquito traps really work? The construction of such a mosquito trap is similar to the bottle snare described above, but instead of yeast, it uses vinegar. Probably because there’s no CO2 involved to lure the mosquitoes, these traps have proved ineffective, disappointing folks who’ve tried them.