What is the synonym of manipulative?

What is the synonym of manipulative?

▲ Exercising unscrupulous control or influence through scheming and conniving. cunning. calculating. scheming.

What is the literal meaning of manipulate?

1 : to treat or operate with the hands or by mechanical means especially in a skillful manner manipulate the fragments of a broken bone into correct position. 2a : to manage or utilize skillfully. b : to control or play upon by artful, unfair, or insidious means especially to one’s own advantage.

What is another word for Gaslighting?

What is another word for gaslighting?

manipulating tricking
deceiving duping
finagling fooling
hoodwinking misleading
swindling bamboozling

What is an example of manipulation?

Shrewd or devious management, especially for one’s own advantage. Manipulation is defined as skillful control by something or someone. An example of manipulation is what is being done by a talking car salesman who convinces you to buy a car.

What is manipulation in research?

Entry. Subject Index Entry. Experimental manipulation describes the process by which researchers purposefully change, alter, or influence the independent variables (IVs), which are also called treatment variables or factors, in an experimental research design.

What does manipulation mean in research?

What does it mean to manipulate a variable in psychology?

Again, to manipulate an independent variable means to change its level systematically so that different groups of participants are exposed to different levels of that variable, or the same group of participants is exposed to different levels at different times.

What is a synonym for manipulation?

manipulation, use(noun) exerting shrewd or devious influence especially for one’s own advantage. “his manipulation of his friends was scandalous”. Synonyms: usage, use, habit, handling, use of goods and services, consumption, usance, role, function, utilization, utilisation, employment, economic consumption, enjoyment, purpose, exercise.

What is another word for manipulative?

Synonyms for Manipulative: adj. •calculating (adjective) devious, intelligent, shrewd, artful, sharp, canny, Contriving, crafty, wily, machiavellian , cunning, scheming, sly, designing. n. • experienced, able, transliterate, good, gifted, expert, skillful, accomplished, capable.

What is another word for manipulated?

Another word for manipulate. To use with or as if with the hands: handle, ply2, wield. To handle in a way so as to mix, form, and shape: knead, work. To control to one’s own advantage by artful or indirect means: exploit, maneuver, play.

What is the opposite of manipulation?

The Opposite Of Manipulation (Resentment) Is Just As Bad. Some leaders are so fearful of manipulating that they overcorrect and consistently error on the other side. They generally think of followers first and defer to whatever is best for them, often at the expense of the leader’s broader organizational goals.