What is FRITZ Box 7390?

What is FRITZ Box 7390?

AVM FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7390 FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7390 or Fritz!Box 7390 for short, is a modem/router (ADSL+VDSL) all in one device, featuring a DECT base station and VoIP (SIP) client and server that includes ISDN ports to connect “old school” wired phones to it.

What is FRITZ Box Fon WLAN?

2 FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7390 An Overview The FRITZ!Box connects your computers directly with your DSL or VDSL line. Each connected computer can establish an Internet connection over the FRITZ!Box. As a WLAN access point, FRITZ!Box offers you the possibil- ity of connecting your computer to the DSL or VDSL line wirelessly.

What is a Freetz box?

Fritz!Box, stylised as FRITZ!Box, is a series of residential gateway devices produced by the German company AVM GmbH. NOT SUPPORTED by OpenWrt But check out http://freetz.org/ or https://freetz.github.io/

What is the time server entry for the FRITZ Box?

The entry for the time server is the local IP address of the FRITZ!Box or simply “fritz.box” (“time.windows.com” is entered by default). To guarantee the security of the computers in the FRITZ!Box home network, the FRITZ!Box suppresses DNS responses that refer to IP addresses in the home network.

How to change the Web UI of the 7390 to German?

FRITZ.Box_Fon_WLAN_7390.AnnexB.06.23.recover-image.exe After downgrading with this tool, the web UI will be in German! The device can easily be debricked using the manufacturer’s recovery tool (Windows only!). Connect the device to the yellow LAN1 port and to your computer, run the recovery tool and follow its instructions.

What is the firmware version?

You already know that firmware is another type of software program installed on the ROM of your device. All software has a version number which indicates the time and update of the firmware. So, the question may come in your mind what is the firmware version.

Is it possible to uninstall or reinstall the firmware?

You can install or uninstall software whenever you want. But in the case of firmware, it is not that common to uninstall or reinstall the firmware. Because it is that type of software program which controls the hardware of your device in which all the software including the operating system is installed.