What is Strawburry17 real name?

What is Strawburry17 real name?

Meghan Camarena
Meghan Camarena, known by her online pseudonym Strawburry17, is an American YouTube personality, television host, actress and producer….

Meghan Camarena
Born Meghan Camarena July 17, 1987 Fresno, California, U.S.
Occupation YouTube personality, television host, actress, producer
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How old is strawburry17?

34 years (July 17, 1987)
Meghan Camarena/Age

What album is boyfriend by Justin Bieber on?

on YouTube. “Boyfriend” is a song by Canadian singer Justin Bieber, taken from his third studio album Believe (2012). Bieber explained that the track would surprise people in different ways, since it is a musical departure from his previous material.

What did Justin Bieber say to his girlfriend if he was?

[Chorus: Justin Bieber] If I was your boyfriend, I’d never let you go. Keep you on my arm girl, you’d never be alone. I can be a gentleman, anything you want. If I was your boyfriend, I’d never let you go, I’d never let you go. [Verse 2: Justin Bieber] Tell me what you like, yeah, tell me what you don’t.

Did Justin Bieber ever perform boyfriend on the voice?

As part of promotion for the song, Bieber performed “Boyfriend” in a number of live appearances, including at the second-season finale of The Voice, and at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards. The rapping duo Ying Yang Twins also released a remixed version of the track with new verses added.

What is the story behind the song Boyfriend?

About “Boyfriend”. The song was the first to be released from Bieber’s 2012 album Believe. It gained a lot of attention due to the sound — much different from Justin’s other material. With “Boyfriend”, he proved that he wasn’t the innocent kid with a high pitched voice anymore: it marked the beginning of a new era for the singer.