Ways to check if a person is fluent in English Speaking

Ways to check if a person is fluent in English Speaking

English is now considered as the native language of the world. If you do not belong to a native English speaking country like USA, Australia or UK, it is important that you gain control over this language in order to succeed in your career. Not only in overseas, but in India too, English is the most preferred language, especially in corporate culture. This is why having a fluency in English becomes really essential. So if you are presently working for a company that deals with global clients, then taking up English speaking course online is the right step. When it comes to English speaking course, the major goal of these courses is to make you fluent in this language.

Fluency is now a tricky subject and cannot be defined as per set standards. As long as you feel confident using the language it shows that you are making progress. Fluency is also influenced by the fact whether you want to learn English for carrying normal conversation or for some specialised requirement like appearing for a job interview or giving a lecture.

Here are some parameters which you can use to judge how effectively an English speaking course online is helping you to achieve your goal and check if the person is fluent in the language: –

  • One good indicator about your fluent English is how comfortable you feel using this language. If you can comfortably forget about the language while using it, it is a good indicator that you have gained considerable fluency in it.
  • The second indicator is whether you still feel the need to translate a sentence in your native language before speaking it in English. If the answer is yes, then you still have a long way to go as far as achieving fluency is concerned. Translating a sentence tends to slow down the fluency rate which can dampen your effort in a big way.
  • The third indicator is how competent you feel speaking on various topics in English. Is your conversation limited only to small chit chats or can you comfortably speak on a wide range of topics which includes sport, politics, world affairs etc.? If you can speak on multiple topics then you can safely assume that you have achieved fluency in English.
  • Pronunciation, vocab and other confidence in speaking are yet another things to consider the fluency of the language. In English language, these three matter a lot, and if the person has perfection in these then he/she can confidently speak with the audience.
  • The final and ultimate test of fluency lies in how comfortably you can hold a conversation with others in English without feeling uncomfortable. If you can speak and also understand what other are communicating in that particular language you can be sure that you have achieved fluency in English.

Remember fluency is all about confidence and constant practice. You can enrol in English Speaking Course Online which will provide you with more assistance in learning and practising this language which can help you to achieve fluency faster. These online courses are centred on making your vocab and every aspect of the language perfect. The best part of online course is you don’t have to physically attend the course, but via call or computer. This way you will gain perfection in the language. So join now and gain confidence to have perfection in the language.