What is a Smart Scale That Measures Body Fat Percentage at Home

What is a Smart Scale That Measures Body Fat Percentage at Home

What more has technology in store for us? You may not resist wondering. Every new day, new inventions keep coming up, and it’s amazing how they all try to make our lives easier and in many ways. Do you like working out? Have your workouts been smooth? If you’re reading this, then you definitely are missing an essential package that you ought to have every time before you begin your exercises.

Most people usually opt to use simple scales from this homepage when exercising, and especially during the kickoff of a workout schedule. This is usually vital in tracking your progress, so that at the end or towards the end of your exercising schedule, you’ll be able to tell whether you’re making substantial improvements and achieving your goals in regards to weight, or all is in vain. Well, most individuals like tracking their weight changes regularly, with some even checking them on a weekly basis.

It’s a good idea to know what’s working for you and what is not so that you can make necessary changes or stop the exercise altogether. A smart scale is much more different from a simple scale. It goes an extra mile to give you more measurements than a simple scale would, and therefore, performing several tasks at the same time with biometric measurements that you definitely would never have got with a simple scale.

A smart scale is an integrated device that was specifically meant to track your biometric measurements. The scale’s system tracks a variety of them which include but are not limited to the bone density and your percentage of body fat, and these are but to mention a few. Moreover, it can be used to track the body water percentage.

While the smart scale doesn’t give biometrics of everything in your body, it can simply be integrated with health and activity trackers. Your overall health will then be displayed in a more simplified and yet combined manner.


A smart scale comes with tons of amazing features like:

  • The ability to customize weight logs using your phone
  • The ability to sync to health and activity trackers on your phone
  • Impedance disabling ability for measurement functions that may not work well with implanted medical devices

It is critical to note that these are not all the features available to the smart scale; they may vary depending on the brand you purchase.


Health data and other information usually hold a lot of sensitivity. The following are raised concerns about using a smart scale and their responses.

Is it safe to use a smart scale?

Impedance analysis is typically characterized by electrical impulses sent through the feet. However mild these impulses may be, they’re not recommended for individuals with implanted medical devices or pregnant women. Most smart scale brands usually come with the feature to disable impedance analysis. However, if the smart scale you’re planning on purchasing doesn’t, and you may have one or both groups of individuals who may be affected by impedance, then you should consider getting one that does.

Can a smart scale be hacked?

Wi-Fi enabled smart scales are indeed a marvel. However, Wi-Fi networks without enough security are usually susceptible to hacking. To avoid data corruption or unauthorized access, consider securing your home networks with complex passwords and following any prescribed security protocols.

How much does it cost?

A smart scale that has Wi-Fi compatibility will cost you something between $60 and $200. It’s a worthwhile investment though!