Quit Smoking in an Easy Way with Vaping

Quit Smoking in an Easy Way with Vaping

If you look at some of the global statistics about smoking, then you will be horrified at how much already man has suffered due to smoking tobacco cigarettes.

The damages caused by cigarettes is alarming

Smoking tobacco cigarettes can cause alarming damage and have been causing lots of damage to man. By preventing smoking, the below mentioned health hazards and incidents could have been avoided and still can be avoided.

  • Did you know that each year the US is witnessing almost 480000 deaths due to smoking? This means almost one in five persons is dying due to some smoking-related health issue.
  • The deaths due to drug abuse, HIV, accidental automobile injuries, alcohol abuse, and firearm-related injuries also collectively do not stand up in that much number which smoking-related deaths do.
  • The death due to smoking in the US is ten times more than deaths that have collectively occurred from the many wars in the country.
  • Lung cancer death due to smoking has also reached an alarming rate. Women are more susceptible to this.
  • The deaths from the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease are also high due to smoking and 8 out of 10 deaths in COPD is smoking related.

Both men and women are equally affected and vulnerable to so many diseases and health problems due to smoking. Besides these, there are many more problems smokers face. The chances of cardiovascular diseases, strokes, cancers, asthma, etc. lines up the list of problems. There is no organ in the body which does not get affected badly by smoking either directly or indirectly. The whole body and quality of life, fertility of men and women, well being and everything, get impacted too badly.

Hence, there is no good reason to keep up with smoking, and the best you can do if you smoke is to quit it as soon as possible.

Vaping- the healthy alternative to smoking

If you still have to continue and take in the smoke and feel better, then there is a great alternative which will not take a toll on your health and will also be economical for you. And that is vaping. The whole world is already talking about it. Many vapers are excited about this new way of quitting smoking and leading a better life. And many men and women are taking an interest in vaping for all the good reasons. After you quit smoking, vaping can be continued as a harmless habit instead of smoking to feel better and stylish.

Introduction to Vaping

Vaping devices are like USB sticks. They are also called vaping pens and are run by a battery which is rechargeable. The vaping pen comes with a long life battery and a micro USB charging cable to charge it. The device is filled with a vaping pod. The pod contains the vaping liquid.

This liquid in the pod is made into the vapor by heat generated through this battery operated the small machine. And this vapor is pretty harmless and contains only a flavored base with little amounts of nicotine. You can puff in the vapor from the vaping pen just like you puff a cigarette. And then puff out the vapor again.

The action mimics the smoking of cigarette with smoke like vapor coming inside and going outside the mouth. And in the process, you can enjoy the action similar to smoking. You also get a steady flow of nicotine in small amounts, which is much lesser than what you get from a tobacco cigarette. Nicotine comes in a steady flow as you prefer to maintain the level by controlling the frequency of vaping. In this way, you do not have to struggle with mood swings for quitting smoking.

The vaping pods with a liquid dry up when the liquid is finished, and then you need to change the pod inside the pen. Vaping pods come in many different flavors. You may choose any as you prefer, or keep on changing flavors.

What to look for while buying a vaping pen?

Initially, you would like to buy a starter kit for vaping. And there are many great kits available, which complete your vaping needs in a single go as you begin with it. Reliable sources like www.mylevapor.com can are checked for the starter kit and separate vaping supplies. You must go for a vaping pen, which features the following:

  • A leak-free design
  • Easy to carry design, size, and shape
  • Choice of colors if you prefer colors
  • Easy pod refill system
  • Battery indicator
  • Long battery life
  • Fast battery charging
  • Compatibility to use pods with good aroma
  • Lots of puffs per pod

If you get all these properties with a vaping pen, you should ideally go with it, and also get compatible pods or capsules from the same company for the best vaping experience.

How vaping can be utilized to quit smoking?

You may vape just in that phase when you are struggling to quit smoking and are coming up with the mood swings and irritability due to nicotine drop in your bloodstream. Vaping can help during those few days or weeks. Else if you like the idea and experience and feel of vaping, then you may choose to continue, as because there are no health hazards as such from vaping.

You need to check that you are not taking too much of the puffs to get too much of nicotine. Rest it’s safe and easy, and also a pocket-friendly habit for the common man.


To quit smoking and start with vaping you must get a vaping kit first. And then only you may take the first step to quit smoking much easily, without going through any withdrawal stress or agitation.