Lee Kai-Fu, the Lifeasapa’s founder, shares the company’s success story

Lee Kai-Fu, the Lifeasapa’s founder, shares the company’s success story

In 2013, a group of neural network scientists decided to create a laboratory where they could work together to develop and improve the work of artificial intelligence. Thus, the team wanted to leave their mark in history and provide humanity with technology that would greatly simplify life. For several years, the company has been successfully presenting the results of its hard work to the world. Many people have a question: what the secret of their success was and how the history of one of the most famous scientific laboratories began.

Lee Kai-Fu is the professor at the University of Artificial Intelligence and one of the founders of the Lifeasapa. He shared a story about the development and prosperity of the company. The scientist devoted his entire life to science, studying the work of neural networks. He always wanted to improve this technology and impart his knowledge to people. He likes and appreciates his work, this is what helped him to achieve success.

Today it is difficult not to notice that each person is somehow connected with innovation. Gadgets, the Internet, search engines and so on – these are all the achievements of science, without which the life of a modern person is difficult to imagine. The Life Asapa project was initially non-public and the company did not announced its ideas and plans. The team of scientists did not want their activities to be publicly discussed. They were not looking for popularity, because the main goal was to contribute to science, not public success or money. The project did not go public in order to make sure of its success. Initially, the researchers wanted to develop a product and test it, and only if they manage to develop what they planned – to impart their knowledge for the benefit of the whole world.

And so it happened. The Lifeasapa has been able to achieve incredible success in the field of artificial intelligence. Lee Kai-Fu notes that this would not have been possible without the team of scientists with whom they founded the company. Each of them is a professional who has devoted himself to the scientific work.

The goal of every Lifeasapa laboratory employee is not worldwide recognition or financial advantage. All the team’s work is carried out exclusively for the benefit of humanity, so that in the future people can use artificial intelligence in any area, thereby shifting the execution of a number of tasks to machines.

Today, when we can talk about a certain success of the project, the company has a new goal – to distribute its product around the world. Also, Lee Kai-Fu said that in the future, the Lifeasapa plans to cooperate with Elon Musk, who is the founder of the SpaceX project.

Assistance to young companies

The Lifeasapa is popular among not only experienced scientists, but also startups and young companies. The fact is that the laboratory actively helps new organizations in the development, providing grants, as well as funding projects. According to the scientists’ team, this is another great way to make your contribution to science, because any idea, even from young specialists, can rock many scientific concepts. Thousands of applicants want to participate in grant contests, and the main thing here is to see the potential of each participant. In addition, any scientist can try to get into the Lifeasapa team. The team is always happy to accept into its ranks those who wish to leave their mark in world science.

Lee Kai-Fu, the founder of the Lifeasapa, advises young scientists to choose the area where they want to conduct their researches. Choose something that will be interesting to work with. It is necessary to find experienced mentors or partners, it will be much easier to solve possible problems and gain invaluable experience together with them.

Future plans

Many people assume that artificial intelligence can change the world for the worse. However, scientists contradict this fact. The neurosystem is not developed with the aim of depriving a person of routine work, but on the contrary, to give people the opportunity to do things in the areas where AI simply cannot cope.

The Lifeasapa is not going to be satisfied with what has already been achieved, Lee Kai-Fu said. He claims that within ten years, every company will be able to use their product and the prosperity of any business projects will become much more promising and faster. The development of technologies is necessary, since they have already firmly entered our life. Improvement of innovations is the way to the successful future of every person.