How much does Fraxel Dual cost?

How much does Fraxel Dual cost?

According to – a website where real patients submit reviews on popular cosmetic treatments – fractional laser treatments cost on average $450 a treatment for the Clear and Brilliant Laser and $975 for the Fraxel Dual Laser. Multiple treatments are often needed depending on the indication for treatment.

How much does Fraxel laser cost in Australia?


Fraxel Restore laser is a safe and gradual laser procedure that stimulates the body to replace aged and photo-damaged skin.
Full Face $1,200
Chest $1,500
Hands $800

What is the most effective laser resurfacing?

The best in class for wrinkle removal, treatment of crow’s feet, sun damage removal and overall skin rejuvenation is the Fraxel Re:pair laser. Yes, there is some downtime with Fraxel, but after a couple days looking like you have a sunburn, your skin will look 10 years younger, tighter and completely refreshed.

Does Fraxel Dual tighten skin?

However, the Fraxel laser is not intended to tighten the skin; it is best for patients with minimal skin laxity who are treating other signs of aging or scarring. Also, like IPL treatment, the Fraxel laser should be avoided by patients who suffer from Melasma.

Which is better Microneedling or Fraxel?

Effectiveness. Both treatments deliver noticeable improvement in skin tone and texture. However, because microneedling does not penetrate the deep layers of the skin, it is better suited to mild skin problems, and the results are typically less dramatic than Fraxel.

Is CO2 laser better than Fraxel?

The answer lies in what they’re designed to treat. While Fraxel CO2 lasers are excellent at treating a broad range of skin problems, the Fraxel Dual laser is programmed to specifically target and minimize pigmentation.

What is the difference between Fraxel and Fraxel Dual?

Fraxel® re:store Dual still has the traditional 1550n laser found in the first-generation Fraxel® system. This wavelength penetrates deep into skin. Fraxel® re:store Dual also adds a 1927mm Thulium fiber laser for more superficial treatment of the skin. It is the only laser with this wavelength.

Can Fraxel tighten jowls?

While more invasive than fillers, Thermage, and Ultherapy, Fraxel Re:Pair and other CO2 systems offer quick and dramatic results as they have the power to reduce the volume of jowl-causing sagging skin within a single treatment.