What kind of paint is Bosny?

What kind of paint is Bosny?

BOSNY MIRROR CHROME is newest technology chrome-look paint which gives objects top quality MIRROR CHROME EFFECTS. Spray is a rubber coating formulated to seal leaks and cracks in all area including roofs, gutters, flashings, concrete, mansory, chimneys, pipe joints, roof vents, sky lights, and etc.

What is Bosny clear?

 Colour : Flat Clear Finish. Premium quality spray paint formulated from 100% pure acrylic. Highly durable.

Is Bosny lacquer?

BOSNY Quick Drying Lacquer Spray 100% ACRYLIC Automotive Finishes (Gold and Aluminum Shades) | Shopee Philippines. A-Plus All Weather – 2603 Simple Melody. for Concrete, Wood, and Well-Primed Metal Surfaces.

Is Bosny water based?

Water-based. Easy to use. Bosny Leak Sealer is a rubberized paint for jointless repair on roofs and walls. 100% Waterproof.

Is Bosny good for metal?

BOSNY PHILIPPINES Can adhere to steel, wood and most plastic. Suitable for cars, alloy wheels, tools, machine, furniture, toys and etc.

Is there a top coat for paint?

A sealer, which may also be called a topcoat, simply protects your beautiful paint finish from stains, scratches, chips, and scuffs. Topcoats dry to a much harder finish than most paints and therefore are much harder to damage.

Is Bosny spray paint waterproof?

100% waterproof. Elastic and Non Crack. Can be used for all large-surface roofs which have a lot of joints and cracks. Ready to use, weather-resistant, UV-resistant, can be sprayed (dilute with water), can be over painted.

Is Bosny wall putty waterproof?

What is the difference between satin and matte?

The key difference is that satin is the term used for UV varnishes, whereas matte is used in describing laminates. While glossy surfaces shine for consumers, matte and satin finishes attract attention for different reasons.

What is bosny light reflective coating?

”Bosny” Light Reflector Spray is a clear retro reflective coating formulated by incorporating high technology light reflective particles which reflect light without obscuring object’s original color. MORE… Special formulated with 100% pure 316L Stainless Steel Powder. Touch and feel the satin sheen finish of real stainless steel.

What are fluorescent colors?

Overview: Fluorescent Colors Type Bright Colors Definition (1) A type of bright color that are so satur Definition (2) A material or organism that emits a glow Uses High visibility applications such as saf

What is the meaning of fluorescent orange?

A hue of fluorescent orange is yellow which is associated with making decisions. Bright orange can imply simulation and energy. Orange creates mental ability and also helps ones motivation, and promotes social interaction. It is seen as a nurturing color that creates great relationships.

What is the difference between bosny black tint and elastic spray paint?

Bosny “Black Tint” Spray is a transparent black color. Ideal for use with glass, windows, auto lamps, and etc. MORE… MORE… MORE… Elastic Spray Paint is a specially formulated paint, Once dried will be elastic and peel-able like rubber.