How long do the Hunza live?

How long do the Hunza live?

The people of the Hunza community have an average life span of 120 years and in some cases they live up to 160 years. Thanks to their healthy way of life, they look young and beautiful even in the later years of their life. The women of the community can give birth till the age of 65.

Why do the Hunza live so long?

Healthy living advocate J. I. Rodale wrote a book called The Healthy Hunzas in 1948 that asserted that the Hunzas, noted for their longevity and many centenarians, were long-lived because they consumed healthy organic foods, such as dried apricots and almonds, and had plenty of fresh air and exercise.

How old is the Hunza Valley?

The environment in which the Hunza live is mountainous and has extremely rough terrain. The villages are incredibly isolated and built into the cliffside; some villages are more than 1,000 years old.

Is Hunza Valley Safe?

Is Hunza Valley Safe? Hunza Valley in northern Pakistan might be the most peaceful place in the world, despite what Western media has tried to tell us. Ninety-nine percent of the country is just as safe as Europe, and Hunza Valley is even more peaceful than central Europe these days.

Is Hunza valley a blue zone?

Hunza Valley, Pakistan – Although it has not been identified officially as one of the Blue Zone regions, the Hunza Valley, which is surrounded by the Himalayas and located in the extreme northern part of Pakistan, has long been recognized as home of another culture of longevity.

How old is Baltit Fort altit?

In central Hunza, the thousand-year-old Altit fort and 700-year-old Baltit fort are some of the region’s oldest standing monuments and evidence of the valley’s feudal regime.

Who built the Baltit fort?

Sir Muhammad Nazim Khan K.C.I.E
The British installed Tham/Mir Sir Muhammad Nazim Khan K.C.I.E, as the ruler of Hunza State in September 1892. During his reign, he made several major alterations to the Baltit Fort.

What is the capital of Hunza?

Karimabad, the capital of Hunza, offers an awe-inspiring view of Rakaposhi (7,788 meters).

Who rules Hunza?

History. Hunza was an independent principality for centuries. It was ruled by the Mirs of Hunza, who took the title of Thum. The Hunzai’s were tributaries and allies to China, acknowledging China as suzerain since 1761.

Where is Baltit fort located in Pakistan?

Baltit Fort (Urdu: قلعہ بلتت‎) is a fort in the Hunza valley, near the town of Karimabad, in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of northern Pakistan.

What is the culture of Baltit Fort?

Baltistan had a very strong cultural and ethnical relation with the Ladakh territory to the east. Not surprisingly, the structure of Baltit Fort was influenced by Ladakhi/Tibetan architecture, with some resemblance to the Potala Palace in Lhasa.

How old is the great fort of Baltistan?

The foundations of the fort date back to 700 years ago, with rebuilds and alterations over the centuries. In the 16th century the local prince married a princess from Baltistan who brought master Balti craftsmen to renovate the building as part of her dowry .

What is the history of Karimabad Fort?

Baltit Fort (Urdu: قلعہ بلتت‬‎) is a fort in the Hunza valley, near the town of Karimabad, in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of northern Pakistan. Founded in the 8th CE, it has been on the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative list since 2004.