How do you treat pseudocholinesterase deficiency?

How do you treat pseudocholinesterase deficiency?

There is no cure for pseudocholinesterase deficiency. If you have the condition and you receive muscle relaxants that prolong your anesthesia recovery, you’ll likely need medical assistance. If needed, mechanical ventilation support and sedation are provided while you recover and start breathing on your own.

What happens when you have pseudocholinesterase deficiency?

With pseudocholinesterase deficiency, the body muscles stay relaxed for a longer time. Paralysis of the respiratory muscles causes you to be unable to breathe on your own.

What other drugs are metabolized by pseudocholinesterase?

Neuromuscular Blocking Drugs Butyrylcholinesterase (BChE) or pseudocholinesterase is the enzyme that hydrolyzes neuromuscular blocking agents such as succinylcholine and mivacurium, as well as ester local anesthetic agents.

How is succinylcholine Apnoea treated?

Administration of cholinesterase inhibitors, such as neostigmine, is controversial for reversing succinylcholine-related apnea in patients who are pseudocholinesterase deficient. The effects may be transient, possibly followed by intensified neuromuscular blockade.

How do you reverse succinylcholine?

Sugammadex can reverse profound blockade and can be given for immediate reversal and its use would avoid the potentially serious adverse effects of the currently used agent, succinylcholine. Also, sugammadex can reverse NMB more quickly and predictably than existing agents.

How much does succinylcholine cost?

The estimated cost per dose of succinylcholine was $37 (range $9 to $93).

Does succinylcholine stop breathing?

Adverse reactions to succinylcholine consist primarily of an extension of its pharmacological actions. Succinylcholine causes profound muscle relaxation resulting in respiratory depression to the point of apnea; this effect may be prolonged.

Does neostigmine reverse succinylcholine?

It is concluded that succinylcholine-induced phase II block can be safely and rapidly antagonized with neostigmine.