Laurence Alia – Melvil Poupaud


LAURENCE ANYWAYS - Melvil Poupaud @Shayne Laverdière copy

“The state of Laurence seems impossible. What we come to understand quickly is that this is a man of courage. A hero. A superhero who disguises himself as a woman to better confront the world and its injustices. So that others will finally see him the way he wants to, Laurence chooses to fight: against the judgmental gaze of others, against institutions, prejudice and intolerance. Against nature itself. Laurence will take this fight all the way, all the way inside himself, to finally find where he fits in the world. Where he really fits. Where she chooses to fit because yes, Laurence is a courageous woman who believes in freedom. Simply put, the freedom to exist.”

-Melvil Poupaud


Melvil began his acting career in 1983 appearing in Raoul Ruiz’s City of Pirates. From there the actor went on to have a storied career in French Cinema, appearing in over fifty feature films. Proving his diverse abilities Poupaud has appeared in films in French, English (both US and UK) and Portuguese.

Included in Melvil’s sprawling list of film credits are roles in François Ozon’s Time to Leave (2005), alongside Parker Posey in Zoe Cassavettes’ Breaking English (2007), Eric Rohmer’s A Summer’s Tale (1996), Arnaud Desplechin’s A Christmas Tale (2008), François Ozon’s The Refuge (2010), alongside Ray Winstone and John Hurt in 44 Inch Chest, and in the live action film Speed Racer (2008) from Andy and Lana Wachowski. Poupaud has been recognized for his work in the 1990′s The 15 Year Old Girl and 1994′s Normal People are Nothing Exceptional, both cases getting a not from the French César’s for acting.

He has been nominated for a Canadian Screen Award for his portrayal of Laurence Alia in Laurence Anyways and also recognized by the Canadian Critics board for his performance.