Skincare Basics That Everyone Should Know

Skincare Basics That Everyone Should Know

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Creating a good skincare routine is important for having a glowy and healthy skin. First and foremost, you need to identify the type of skin you have and then choose the products which will help you fight the potential threats of developing any kind of skin condition. The main types of skin include normal, oily, dry, combination, and sensitive. In this article, we will show you how you can identify your skin type and what the skincare basics should look like.

Normal Skin Type

The normal skin is also known as well-balanced skin, since it’s neither too oily nor too dry. People with normal skin barely experience any breakouts or imperfections, nonetheless weather changes, food or new skin products don’t affect their skin. Those who have this type of skin are lucky enough to experiment with new skincare products, by maintaining the quality of their skin.

Oily Skin Type

It may seem irritating to those who have oily skin, as sometimes the skin looks glowing. Especially girls with this type of skin are mostly concerned about finding the most appropriate makeup products, because not all items stay put on the face, the way they would like to. And there are a number of reasons for oily skin such as genetics, age, the place of living, climate, enlarged pores and wrong skincare products.

If one of your parents has an oily, it’s likely that you may have your oiliness inherited. In another case, your oily skin may be the result of a hot or humid climate. While it may be very hard to get rid of oiliness forever, there are ways to reduce the levels of it. Washing the face regularly with warm water and with fragrance-free soaps is highly recommended to those struggling with oily skin. It is also very effective to use toner for keeping the face hydrated and natural masks containing ingredients like honey. It has been reported by many skin specialists that raw honey contains antibacterial characteristics which would result in reduced oil and acne, by keeping the skin soft and nourished.

Dry Skin Type

Your skin may feel dehydrated, because it doesn’t have enough moisture inside. Some of the symptoms of dry skin are redness, itching and cracking with the feeling of tightness. If you have a dry or dehydrated skin, it’s best to include water-based products into your skincare routine. It has been noted that for some people dry skin may progress into a worse condition. Those skin conditions may be very irritating, especially in adulthood. That’s why it is very important to talk to professional skin care specialists who would assign the right treatment for you. Saorsa is one of the new revolutionary cures for those struggling with severe skin conditions.

Combination Skin Type

Combination skin type is what the name suggests – the combination of both oily and dry skin. You may feel oiliness in some areas of your face (most probably the T zone) and dryness in the rest of the face. People with this type of skin should prioritize finding balance on their skin and use products which would hydrate and at the same time lessen the oil on the face.

Sensitive Skin Type

Some signs of sensitive skin are redness, frequent rashes or breakouts, negative reactions to new cosmetics and skincare products. It is highly advised to consult with a skin care specialist when choosing any new product for the skin.

Regardless of your skin type, there is something very important that one should follow to have the permanent glow on the skin – DIET!

Those who are trying to find out the reasons that affect skin problems, should note that the food they eat can be one of the factors creating skin conditions. When making decisions about diet, many prefer to think about calories only, but those decisions are also important when it comes to having smooth and healthy skin.

For instance, fast food such as pizza, french fries, burgers and onion rings increase the chances of breakouts and acne. A lot of people have recorded that after eating this type of food, they experience skin imperfections. However, there is no 100% proven academic research claiming the relationship between fast food and skin breakouts. Other foods like dairy and sugary products can be triggers for breakouts, too.

You should also be conscious about the quantities of alcohol consumed. If you want to have a perfect skin, remember that alcohol increases the hormone levels in the body, producing oily substance and eventually causing acne on the skin.

Looking good is desirable for everyone. Well, who doesn’t want to have flawless skin? In fact, taking a good care of your skin will definitely boost your confidence and energy. So, keep in mind the basic skin care tips mentioned above. Just don’t forget that before creating a skin care routine you need to carefully identify your skin type!