Will there be another season of Upstairs, Downstairs?

Will there be another season of Upstairs, Downstairs?

While British drama Downton Abbey has become a big success for PBS, the BBC’s revival of Upstairs Downstairs has been cancelled after nine episodes. There won’t be a third series of episodes according to the broadcaster.

How many versions are there of Upstairs, Downstairs?

five seasons
The five seasons of the original series are set between 1903 and 1930, moving through the Edwardian, First World War, and Interwar eras. The 2010 version picks up in 1936 with a continuation of the story of the house – 165 Eaton Place – but not a continuation of the original Bellamy family storyline.

How many episodes of Upstairs, Downstairs were made?

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What happened to Daisy in Upstairs, Downstairs?

In 1973, she joined the cast of Upstairs, Downstairs as the new housemaid Daisy Peel (later Barnes). She played this role for 32 episodes until the programme’s end in 1975. After Upstairs, Downstairs finished she went back to theatre and played at Coventry rep.

Why was downstairs 2010 Cancelled?

The Corporation hoped its lavish new version of Upstairs Downstairs would serve up the same sort of success enjoyed by ITV’s country house saga Downton Abbey. But after two series it seems the BBC has admitted defeat – axeing the revived period drama because of falling ratings.

Why did Meg Wynn Owen leave Upstairs Downstairs?

Both Meg Wynn Owen and the show’s creators had decided that Hazel had no place in the swinging 1920s and she had been written out at the end of the last season. Replacing her as mistress of the house was Richard’s new wife, Virginia, played by Hannah Gordon.

Why did the BBC cancel Upstairs Downstairs?

How old is Jacqueline Tong?

70 years (May 21, 1951)
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What happened to Ruby from Upstairs, Downstairs?

Jenny Tomasin, a British actress forever known to hundreds of millions of television viewers as the clumsy, disheveled, Valentino-obsessed kitchen maid Ruby Finch in “Upstairs, Downstairs,” has died at her home in London. She died Jan.

Why did Upstairs Downstairs stop?

Is Downton Abbey based on Upstairs Downstairs?

‘Downton Abbey’ boss admits they ripped off idea from ‘Upstairs Downstairs’ The executive producer of Downton Abbey has made a confession about the show’s origin. Set in a large townhouse in London’s Belgravia area in 1903, Upstairs Downstairs ran for five seasons on ITV from 1971 to 1975.