Why will my printer not print certain fonts?

Why will my printer not print certain fonts?

Make sure the printer installed is capable of printing graphics, as TrueType fonts usually will not work correctly without a default graphics printer. Also, confirm the font is an IDAutomation font. Choose Start – Settings – Control Panel – Fonts. Double click on the font and make sure it appears.

When printing some letters are missing?

The reason ist either a restriction of the used font or a poor PDF converter setting or qualitiy. So when you print such files it can happen, that the printer driver tries to substitute the fonts with the printer fonts but cannot find a surrogate for any character so it’s then missing.

When I print to Adobe PDF strange symbols appear in the document?

Non-standard font encoding may have been used by the PDF producer. The characters affected may not map properly to unicode. Typically this issue must be resovled back in the authoring file and a new PDF produced. Depending upon your OS, there there was a problem with printing certain documents.

When printing PDF Some letters are missing?

This issue will occur if the application does not contain the fonts that are in the document. To solve this issue, print the PDF file as an image. From the application, select File => Print, and then click Advanced. Check the Print as image option.

How do I change the font style on my printer?


  1. Choose File menu > Printer Setup, then select the object you’re preparing to print (Example: Reports/Graphs, Checks, or Invoices).
  2. Click the font you want to change:
  3. Change any combination of the font, font style, and size, and click OK.
  4. Click OK to save your new font selections.

How do you fix printer symbols?

What can I do if my printer is printing random symbols?

  1. Run Printer Troubleshooter. Click on Start and select Settings.
  2. Update the printer driver. Press Windows Key + R to open Run.
  3. Clear the Printer Queue.
  4. Uninstall and reinstall your printer.

Why is my printer printing strange?

If your printer is spitting out pages full of strange characters, symbols, or strange formatting, your inkjet printer drivers may be outdated, incompatible with your operating system or corrupt. Drivers are important to the proper function of your inkjet printer and it is best to check for updates regularly.