Why was Matt Damon not in The Bourne Legacy?

Why was Matt Damon not in The Bourne Legacy?

The titular character Jason Bourne does not appear in The Bourne Legacy, as actor Matt Damon chose not to return for the fourth film, due to Paul Greengrass not directing.

Where is The Bourne Legacy available?

Watch The Bourne Legacy Streaming Online | Hulu (Free Trial)

Will there be another Bourne Legacy movie?

Unfortunately, the show was canceled after just one season in 2019, putting an end to any potential set-up for Jason Bourne 6. In the time since Bourne last graced the big screen, high-energy, stunt-orientated blockbusters like Keanu Reeves’ John Wick series have become the new standard.

How many Bourne Legacy movies are there?

The Bourne Identity2002
The Bourne Supremacy2004The Bourne Ultimatum2007The Bourne Legacy2012Jason Bourne2016

Will Jason Bourne and Aaron Cross meet?

Jeremy Renner’s Aaron Cross Will Not Meet Matt Damon’s Jason Bourne On The Big Screen Says Frank Marshall. “You see there are several different programmes in the movie with different skill sets.

Who is streaming The Bourne Legacy?

Watch The Bourne Legacy | Netflix.

What streaming service is the Bourne movies on?

You can watch all of the Bourne films at Netflix from the 1st of April.

What movie comes after Bourne Legacy?


Film U.S. release date Screenwriter(s)
The Bourne Supremacy July 23, 2004 Tony Gilroy
The Bourne Ultimatum August 3, 2007 Tony Gilroy, Scott Z. Burns and George Nolfi
The Bourne Legacy August 10, 2012 Tony Gilroy and Dan Gilroy
Jason Bourne July 29, 2016 Paul Greengrass and Christopher Rouse

Is there a fourth Jason Bourne movie?

The fourth film, The Bourne Legacy, follows a different starring character, Aaron Cross. Like The Bourne Supremacy and Ultimatum, the film is connected to the novel in name only. The fifth and most recent film, Jason Bourne, again stars Matt Damon, and is the only film without a title shared with a novel.

Who plays Pam Landy?

Joan AllenBourne
Pamela Landy/Played by

Joan Allen (I) Joan Allen was born on August 20, 1956 in Rochelle, Illinois, the youngest of four children. She is…