Why sumo sushi & bento Dubai?

Why sumo sushi & bento Dubai?

Sumo Sushi & Bento has been serving the best sushi in Dubai and throughout the GCC for more than 19 years, providing a unique family friendly, authentically fun Japanese restaurant. Now offering franchise opportunities globally, we continue to expand and offer this delicious experience to more Sumo Super Fans everywhere.

How many calories are in a bento box of sushi?

310 calories. Bento Sushi California Roll. 9 pieces (210g) Nutrition Facts. 280 calories. Bento Sushi Cucumber Roll. 16 pieces (170g) Nutrition Facts. 200 calories.

How many calories are in a bento Ramen Ramen Chasu?

Bento Sushi Ramen Chasu w/ Tonkotsu. 1 bowl (790g) Nutrition Facts. 1060 calories. Log food. Bento Sushi Tropical Rainbow Roll. 8 pieces (245g) Nutrition Facts. 370 calories.

What are the ingredients in shoyu ramen noodles?

Sapporo Shoyu Ramen is made with our handcrafted clear chicken broth and includes ramen noodles, scallions, Char Siu chicken, fresh Chinese cabbage, bean sprouts, perfectly cooked egg, seasoned with shoyu and spices. Offered in Regular or Spicy 49.