Why is my drone app not working?

Why is my drone app not working?

The “App Cannot Connect” error primarily occurs on Android smartphone, and is a result of a timeout issue. The DroneMobile Team has identified that the cause of this error is primarily due to a bug. This error may also be caused by a poor internet connection.

How do I activate DroneMobile?

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  1. Download the DroneMobile app in the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Open the DroneMobile app and press “Register”
  3. Input your serial number (found on your hangtag, keychain tag, or sticker) and click “Continue.”
  4. Fill out personal info and click “Submit.”

How do I upgrade my drone module?

Click on the Subscriptions tab on the left side of the screen. Click the green Update Plan button. A pop up message will ask if you would like to add the X1 or X1R module, please click “Add Module to Cart”

What carrier does DroneMobile use?

The cellular carrier used by your DroneMobile Module varies by model number and region. X1-LTE (current) – AT LTE GSM in U.S. only. X1R-LTE (current) – LTE with 3G Fallback GSM through AT, Rogers, Telus, and Bell in U.S. and Canada. X1MAX-LTE (current) – AT LTE GSM in U.S. only.

How do I update my DroneMobile?

Go to https://accounts.dronemobile.com/subscriptions and enter your DroneMobile username and password to login. Click or tap on “Update Plan” next to the vehicle you would like to renew. Select your term length. The longer your subscription, the more you save!

How do you put a drone in service mode?

Open the DroneMobile app and click the “Setup” tab. UPDATE: Starting app version 4.4 (iOS) and 4.7 (Android), you will need to tap “Vehicles” and select the vehicle that you would like to place into service mode. Step 2: Scroll down and click the “Service Mode” section.

Does DroneMobile work without subscription?

On cold mornings, it can be challenging to get out of bed, and even more of a struggle to get to my keys at the front door. But DroneMobile allows me to remote start my vehicle from anywhere in my house. However, none of the benefits of DroneMobile can be accessed if you don’t have a subscription!

How do I renew my drone service?