Why do they call Liverpool the Kop?

Why do they call Liverpool the Kop?

Ernest Edwards, the Sports editor of the Liverpool Post & Echo had named the new terrace, “The Spion Kop”, as a tribute to the many local men who died in a Boer battle in South Africa on 24th of January 1900 to take a hill called “Spioenkop” that literally means “Spy hill”.

What is the Kop at Anfield?

Spion Kop
The Kop. The Spion Kop was a mighty terrace behind one of the goals at Anfield. It was built in 1906, as a reward to the fans after Liverpool had clinched their second league championship. It was an enormous structure, capable of holding as many as 25,000 supporters.

Which football club has the first Kop?

In 1904 Arsenal’s old Manor Ground was the first sports terrace to be nicknamed the “Kop”.

Why is it called the Kopp?

‘The Kop’ is the name given to the end of any football/sport arena where the ‘home’ supporters traditionally stand. It is named after a hill in South Africa where a battle was fought in the second Boer war.

Is Scouser an insult?

No, it is not an insulting term and yes, Liverpudlians refer to themselves by this term, although less so these days.

Where does the name Spion Kop come from?

The name Spion Kop or Spioenkop – ‘Spy or lookout hill’. The name Spion Kop – Lookout Hill was given to this impressive hill by the Voortrekkers in 1837. This was the original Dutch spelling and is still the English version. Spioenkop : Spy Hill is the term used by the Afrikaans speaking people of South Africa .

What football grounds have a Kop end?

1 The Kop – Anfield – Liverpool.

Is West Ham a Catholic club?

It was the Roman Catholic community of Upton Park who helped West Ham United to find their home there, on the site that they will leave next week after 112 years. West Ham United, of course, have always played in that corner of east London, ever since they started in 1895 as Thames Ironworks FC in Canning Town.

What is the Kop at Liverpool Anfield?

The Kop at Liverpool’s Anfield home has long been regarded as one of the noisest and most passionate Ends in all of football – but what are it’s origins? Why is Liverpool’s stand called ‘the Kop’?

What is it about the Kop?

The Kop… a collection of individuals devoted to their Liverpool team. Red and white favours and scarves are there in abundance. And the chanting, swaying mass becomes awe-inspiring and moving. For there is no malice; just devotion to a cause.

Where are the most famous Kop’s in football?

The number one most famous Kop is at Anfield. But there are some less famous Kop’s in the footballing world.

Why do Liverpool fans keep the Kop pledge?

The fans didn’t surrender at half-time when the odds were against Liverpool. They kept the Kop pledge, it may be an unofficial one, but perfectly describes the Kop: Always support the team, no matter how bad they are playing. If the team is doing badly, cheer even louder as they need your support more.