Why did Virgin lose West Coast franchise?

Why did Virgin lose West Coast franchise?

First Group won the West Coast franchise back in 2012 but then lost out after a legal challenge from Virgin Trains over how the government had awarded it.

Who has the West Coast Main Line franchise?

Avanti West Coast has taken over from Virgin Trains as the operator running the West Coast Main Line. The new operator’s parent company is a partnership between Aberdeen-based firm FirstGroup and Italy’s Trenitalia.

Are Virgin Trains coming back?

Virgin Trains has waved goodbye to its passengers, making its last trip after 22 years and almost 500 million journeys. Its routes have now been taken over by Avanti West Coast, which has pledged to deliver a range of passenger enhancements, including new trains and 263 more weekly services by 2022.

Has Virgin Trains lost the franchise?

Virgin Trains will lose its long-standing West Coast franchise next December. It will be replaced by First Trenitalia, which has been awarded the franchise for this voluminous network until 2031.

What happened with Virgin trains?

Who owns Virgin Trains?

Virgin Group
Virgin Rail GroupStagecoach Group
Virgin Trains/Parent organizations

Are Virgin Trains still running?

Why has virgin changed to Avanti?

Avanti is the Italian word meaning “forward”. According to First Rail’s managing director Steve Montgomery, the brand was chosen to ”enshrine the type of forward-thinking operation we intend to run”. He said the new train operator will “generate national prosperity and pride”.

Do Virgin trains still operate?

Why did Stagecoach bid to renew Virgin Atlantic West Coast franchise?

The Department for Transport (DfT) disallowed the bids because they did not meet pensions rules. Virgin was bidding to renew the West Coast franchise in partnership with Stagecoach and France’s SNCF. Stagecoach had also applied for the East Midlands and South Eastern franchises, both of which have been rejected.

Where does Virgin Trains operate long distance passenger services?

Virgin Trains operates long-distance passenger services on the West Coast Main Line between London, West Midlands, North West England, North Wales and Scotland.

Does the DFT want Virgin Trains to buy the East Midlands?

The DfT’s statement does not mention Virgin Trains. The DfT also announced that the East Midlands franchise had now been awarded to Abellio “after they presented a strong, compliant bid”. Martin Griffiths, chief executive of Stagecoach, has called for an “urgent meeting” with the DfT.

When did Virgin Media take over the Virgin Media Franchise?

In December 2012 Virgin was awarded a 23-month management contract to run the franchise until 9 November 2014. In March 2013 the Secretary of State announced that the franchise would again be extended until 31 March 2017.