Why did my sound suddenly stop working on my MacBook air?

Why did my sound suddenly stop working on my MacBook air?

Unplug any headphones or external speakers. On your Mac, choose Apple menu > System Preferences, click Sound , then click Output. Make sure “Internal Speakers” is selected, the “Output volume” slider is not all the way to the left, and the Mute checkbox is not selected.

How do I reinstall sound on my Mac?

To reinstall your sound drivers, follow these steps:

  1. Boot your Mac into Windows.
  2. Open Device Manager. For Windows XP: a.
  3. Double-click Sound, video and game controllers.
  4. Double-click the audio device.
  5. Click the Driver tab.
  6. Click the Uninstall button.
  7. If prompted, restart Windows.
  8. Insert your Mac OS installation disk.

Why is my MacBook sound distorted?

Hi, If the distorted sound is in both speakers, it sounds like the sound card has gone bad. Unfortunately, the sound card is soldered to the logic board, which means repair is replacing the logic board, which is very expensive.

How do I restore sound on my laptop?

How do I fix “no sound” on my computer?

  1. Check your volume settings.
  2. Restart or change your audio device.
  3. Install or update audio or speaker drivers.
  4. Disable audio enhancements.
  5. Update the BIOS.

How do I get the sound back on my computer?

Check that the correct sound device is selected Open the Activities overview and start typing Sound. Click on Sound to open the panel. Under Output, change the Profile settings for the selected device and play a sound to see if it works. You might need to go through the list and try each profile.

How do I fix the fuzzy sound on my Mac?

Go to System Preferences > Sound. Click on the “Output” tab and take a look at where your audio is being routed. Check the volume slider at the bottom, and uncheck the “Mute” box if necessary.

How do you fix a blown speaker on a Mac?

Fixing crackling Macbook Pro’s speakers – Software issues

  1. Restart your Mac computer.
  2. Update your Mac OS to the latest version.
  3. Change the sample rate of your audio device.
  4. Quit the Coreaudiod process.
  5. Turn off user interface sound effects.
  6. Reset NVRAM/PRAM.
  7. Keep QuickTime opened.
  8. Prevent system overload.

Why is my Mac sound crackling?

Aside from adjusting your sound settings, some of the most common ways of stopping your MacBook pro speakers from crackling include restarting your Mac, installing the latest updates, resetting NVRAM, or rebooting your Mac in Safe Mode. As reliable as your MacBook is, sound problems are relatively common.

How to turn on sound on MacBook Air?

First, disconnect any cables from the USB, Thunderbolt, or 3.5mm audio ports on your Mac. From the Apple menu , choose System Preferences. Click Sound. Click the Output tab, then select the built-in speakers.

How do I fix the sound on my Mac not working?

Click the Apple menu and select System Preferences. If you have multiple audio devices connected to your Mac, it may not switch inputs correctly. Click the “Sounds” option and then select the “Output” tab. This will display a list of devices that can output audio.

How to fix internal speakers on MacBook Air?

From the Apple () menu, choose System Preferences. Select Sound. Click the Output tab, then select Internal Speakers. If you don’t see Internal Speakers as an option in the Output window, contact Apple Support. If the volume slider is set low, move the slider to the right and test again.

Why is there no volume on my MacBook audio?

If the Sound Controller has not been booted or working properly, then you can have no volume on Macbook. To fix the MacBook audio not working issue, you can consider restarting its Sound Controller.