Why did Mercy Street get Cancelled?

Why did Mercy Street get Cancelled?

— Mercy Street, the Civil War-era television show filmed in various Central Virginia locations, was canceled by PBS, The Hollywood Reporter confirmed. “The complicated nature of aligning production timelines and funding commitments,” was cited by producers as the reason behind the show’s cancellation.

How many seasons of Mercy Street were made?

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What happened to Mercy Street on PBS?

The doctors of Mercy Street have made their final house call. PBS’ Civil War-era medical drama — starring Josh Radnor and Mary Elizabeth Winstead — has been cancelled, with the recent Season 2 finale now serving as a series finale, Deadline reports.

Is Mercy Street based on a true story?

The six-part TV series takes place in Alexandria, Virginia during the Civil War and, as you may have expected, Mercy Street is based on a true story. 17 at 10 p.m. and was inspired by producer and filmmaker Lisa Wolfinger’s research on stories about the Civil War, according to Saving Places.

Does nurse Mary return to Mercy Street?

Mercy Street will not be returning for Season 3. For example, it honestly seemed as if Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who appeared to be the lead of the series during its first season and who is expected to star in the upcoming season of Fargo, may have been on her way out of the series.

Is Mercy Street Cancelled?

PBS announced in early March 2016 that Mercy Street had been renewed for a second season which premiered on January 22, 2017. On March 9, 2017, PBS cancelled the series after two seasons.

Is there a season 3 to Mercy Street?

It’s the end of the road for PBS’ Mercy Street. The Civil War-era drama will not return for a third season, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed. PBS and the producers cited “the complicated nature of aligning production timelines and funding commitments” as the reason behind the show’s sudden end.

Did Mary Elizabeth leave Mercy Street?

Will there be a season 3 of Mercy Street?

Where did they film Mercy Street?

This powerful medical drama is set during the Civil War and is based on events that actually took place in Alexandria, Virginia. The first season of the series was filmed in Central Virginia, with Richmond locations playing the hotel-turned-hospital, and Petersburg supplying the remaining interior and exterior sets.

Where is the Mansion House Hospital located?

Alexandria, Virginia

Mansion House Hospital
Address 121 N. Fairfax Street
Town or city Alexandria, Virginia
Country United States
Coordinates 38°48′19″N 77°2′32″WCoordinates: 38°48′19″N 77°2′32″W

Will there be a series 3 of Mercy Street?