Why did Kirino go to America?

Why did Kirino go to America?

Kirino had gone to America to do a track thing, but she found out that she didn’t have the talent to overcome some of the best runners and she shut herself off from her friends and family back in Japan. Kyousuke winds up going to America and convincing Kirino to come back to Japan.

Who does kyousuke kousaka end up with?

Kyousuke and Ruri still date and break up, however the final chapter has Kyousuke and Ruri eventually getting married with two daughters and at least one more child on the way.

Do Kyosuke and Kirino end up together?

Kirino gives Kyosuke back the ring, ending their relationship with her request of being a couple until graduation – which last for 3 months – finally fulfilled, and they go back to being normal siblings (she whispered this to him in EP 14).

Does Saori like Kyosuke?

Overall their relationship with each other remained platonic at best. Despite Kyousuke’s shock after discovering Saori’s ojou-sama side, the two continued to act normally. In conclusion, Saori is only one of the few female characters who hasn’t shown any signs of romantic attraction towards Kyousuke.

Does kyousuke end up with kuroneko?

Later on in the light novel, the two become “lovers” and start dating. Ruri really has a lot of love towards Kyousuke, and this is proven during their courtship for a period of time. However, after the commotion died down, it was implied in the end of Volume 8 that despite their breakup, Kuroneko still loves Kyousuke.

How does Kyousuke become Kirino’s closest confidante?

Kyousuke becomes Kirino’s closest confidante on the days that follow, and since he has no idea about his sister’s hobby, she would recommend some titles from her personal collection for him to play. Kyousuke then suggests to Kirino to find a community of people who share the same interest as her.

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How would you describe kykyousuke’s appearance?

Kyousuke is a young man with black eyes and black hair with a blue tint. His hair reaches down to his nape and his fringes are swept aside on both sides of his face, with one lock of hair left hanging by the middle of his forehead. His choice of clothes are simple and casual clothing, with shirts and slacks completing his outfit.