Why choose the Zotac Zbox id41 Plus Mini-PC?

Why choose the Zotac Zbox id41 Plus Mini-PC?

High performance eco-friendly computing is only two thumb screws away with the ZOTAC ZBOX ID41 Plus mini-PC thanks to a user friendly design that makes mastering the mini-PC quick and easy.

What’s inside the Zotac Zbox package?

Package contents • 1 x ZOTAC ZBOX • 1 x Stand • 1 x VESA mount • 1 x AC Adapter • 1 x Power Cord • 2 x Antennas • 1 x Driver DVD • 1 x USB flash drive with OS drivers • 1 x User Manual & Warranty Card • 1 x Quick Start Guide 6 ZOTAC ZBOX Getting to know your ZOTAC ZBOX Front view

How do I change my country on the ZOTAC website?

You should have automatically been redirected to your regional ZOTAC.COM site on the first visit but to manually do so, click on the Global icon on the upper right of this page and select your country. Or simply click – https://www.zotac.com/choose-your-location?p=support

How do I mount my Zotac Zbox to a monitor?

You can also install your ZOTAC ZBOX to the back of a monitor. To do so: 1. Secure the VESA mount to your monitor with four screws (HNM/M4x8). 2. Place your ZOTAC ZBOX on the VESA mount noting the correct alignment and then secure the PC to the VESA mount with a coin.

Which Zotac Zbox is the most powerful?

ZOTAC has with the ZBOX ID41 Plus the most powerful overall package on offer. Concerning to the performance of the mini-systems, you get a clear picture. ZOTAC has with the ZBOX ID41 Plus the most powerful overall package on offer.

How do I Turn On my Zotac Zbox?

Turning on the system Connect the supplied AC adapter to the DC IN jack on the system rear panel and then press the power switch on the front panel to turn on the system.  When your ZOTAC ZBOX is not in use, unplug the power adapter or switch off the AC outlet to save on power consumption.

How do I Turn Off the logo indicator on the ZBOX mini-PC?

Turn on the ZBOX mini-PC and press to enter the BIOS SETUP UTILITY. 2. Use the arrow keys to navigate to the Power menu and select Logo Indicator. 3. Press and select Turn off. 4. Press F10 to save the configuration and exit.