Why choose a Lambretta V125 special?

Why choose a Lambretta V125 special?

The V125 Special is seamlessly tied for decades to the Lambretta tradition and offers a classic scooter ride with a conscious contact with the road, strong engine and powerful acceleration. Disc brakes on the front and rear wheels ensure special safety through a sharp braking feel with clear metering and short braking travel.

What is the best engine kit for a Lambretta?

Lambretta – Barrel And Piston Kit – A/F RB20 One of the most advanced engine kits ever designed for the Lambretta. Kit consists of, RB Cylinder, Lambretta 175cc Piston Kit – 62mm with 2 x Thin 2.5mm rings For use with series 3 standard con rod.

What is the thickness of the head gasket on a Lambretta?

Lambretta – Barrel / Piston And Head 190cc Conversion Kit Series III – For standard 58mm Stroke Crank Alloy Barrel with Thin Ringed Piston – 64mm Lambretta – Thick 225cc Cylinder Head Gasket Standard is .8mm Thick (Listed Separately) Also 0.6mm, 0.7mm, 0.8mm, 0.9mm,1.0mm 1.2mm thickness’s l…

Can a Lambretta barrel be used on a 2 Wheeler?

There are also barrels from Lambretta 3 wheelers on the market. These barrels do not work well on Lambretta 2 wheelers! In the above list MB Developments recommends three types of pistons: These are used for their reliability of the piston and ring and availability.

Is the Lambretta V-Special the perfect scooter for commuting?

It is the perfect scooter for commuting. During the design phase, a lot of attention was paid to the Italian tradition of the Lambretta brand and how to combine it with modern technology. The V-Special is equipped with air-cooled engines and available in 50, 125 or 169 cc displacement.

What size engine does a Lambretta V-Special have?

The V-Special is equipped with air-cooled engines and available in 50, 125 or 169 cc displacement. Apart from first-class motor scooters, the Lambretta accessories leave nothing to be desired – there is certainly something for you in our range.

When did the Innocenti Lambretta 150cc motorbike come out?

Rubber-covers for the cables at the handlebars from 1954. In October 1954 the first Lambrettas with 150 cc capacity hit the market. The increased power output also brought an increase in top speed: Innocenti stated 88 kph as standard Vmax, while the consumption figures stayed the same as before.