Why are war bases different?

Why are war bases different?

Different bases are worth different amounts of bonus loot. The higher the defensive strength of the War Base, the more bonus loot it is worth. You can see the amount of bonus loot an enemy War Base is worth by tapping on it in the war map during battle day.

How long does TH10 take to Max 2021?

On average, a player would take somewhere around eight to ten months to max Town Hall 10 entirely provided that the player is very active, has four or more builders, and plays Clan War Leagues (CWL) and Clan Games (CG).

What is Town Hall 3 Hybrid base in Clash of clans?

town hall 3 hybrid base. Safety of Town Hall 3 is among the very first and most crucial thing the participant should concentrate on. Town hall includes 20 percent of all 3 sources and setting your village’s protection in this manner that protects it’s one the vital thing in Clash Of Clans.

What is the best base in town hall 3?

Best Town Hall 3 Defense Base gold and elixir protection In the above base, the gold and elixir storage’s are present inside the walls with mortar being in the center of the storage’s. The best thing about this base is its surrounded by archer tower, cannons outside.

How many bases are there in TH10?

More than 3000 Bases with links to copy directly within seconds (Don’t Build Just Copy). 2. Account Creation,Base Uploads, Comments on Other Layouts and Download Count. As you can see the first best th10 base with town hall centralized in the core surrounded by Tesla’s and Inferno towers.

Can you build a village in Clash of all clans?

Use these designs to construct you village and begin using the incredible journey of Clash of all Clans. We Need Non Rushed Excellent Attackers of TH12, TH13 & TH14 for Clan War League (Crystal League) and TH9 and above for Normal Wars, Clan Tag: #28RUYCRGR.