Why are they called Snuts?

Why are they called Snuts?

How did the name “The Snuts” come about….? It was a name that was given to us really by people watching us at school struggling to play in time with each other. We kind of liked it and its stuck ever since! You are due to play Reading & Leeds in August, are you looking forward to the show?

Where do the Snuts come from?

Whitburn, United Kingdom
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What school did the Snuts attend?

History. Wilson, McGillveray and McKay went to primary school with each other and they met Cochrane at secondary school. Wilson has said “we’ve only ever really played music together so I can’t really imagine it any other way”.

How old is Jack from the Snuts?

Frontman Cochrane (26) says the album is his band’s “life’s work” and, while that may initially sound absurd given their respective ages, he is at least partly correct.

What does WL stand for Snuts?

W.L. – which stands for West Lothian – will feature singles ‘Elephants’, ‘Juan Belmonte’ and fan favourite ‘Glasgow’. The Snuts, who have already tasted chart success with their mixtape EP this year, unveil the news of their debut long player today with a clip teasing them playing popular live ballad ‘Glasgow’.

When did the Snuts form?

The Snuts/Active from
The Snuts are a Scottish indie rock band formed in 2015, originating from West Lothian, Scotland. They have performed across the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Who writes the Snuts songs?

All tracks are written by the Snuts (Jack Cochrane, Callum Wilson, Joe McGillveray and Jordan Mackay), except where noted. No. 1.

What school did Jack Cochrane go to?

Singer Jack Cochrane, guitarist Jo McGillveray, bassist Callum Wilson and drummer Jordan Mackay started making music together at school in their West Lothian home of Whitburn before graduating through the touring circuit, propelling themselves towards a record deal.

How many albums did the Snuts sell?

1 with their debut album WL (Parlophone). The Scottish band opened at the summit after a close battle with Demi Lovato. The Snuts finished the week with 20,455 sales (including 1,392 from streams), according to the Official Charts Company.

Are the Snuts number 1?

Scottish indie rockers The Snuts from West Lothian have scored a number one with their debut album WL. The Snuts with their Number 1 Award from the Official Charts company for their debut album W.L. (Photo: OfficialCharts.com/PA Wire).

Where is Lewis Capaldi from?

Glasgow, United Kingdom
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Did the Snuts get number 1?

THE Snuts have become the first Scottish band in 14 years to see their debut album enter the charts at Number 1. W.L topped the Official Albums Chart, and was also the most popular album across the UK’s independent record stores.