Who wrote Have I the Right by the Honeycombs?

Who wrote Have I the Right by the Honeycombs?

Alan Blaikley
Ken Howard
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What year was the Honeycombs Have I the Right?

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Who sings the song Have I the Right?

The Honeycombs
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Where did the honeycombs come from?

London, United Kingdom
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Who was the lady drummer in The Honeycombs?

Honey Lantree
Honey Lantree, who has died aged 75, was that rare thing in a 1960s beat group – a woman. As the drummer of the Honeycombs, who had a No 1 UK hit with Have I the Right in 1964, she disliked being dismissed as “a gimmick”, nor did she buy into the idea of being a pioneer.

What is the honeycomb mascot?

Crazy Craving
In 1995, a mascot, Crazy Craving, was introduced as a wild-haired, marsupial-like cartoon character who rabidly craves Honeycomb cereal and whom children in the commercials transform into. Its catch-phrase was “Me Want Honeycomb!” The name Crazy Craving means that the character is the anthropomorphism of hunger.

Are the honeycombs still alive?

A reconstituted version of the Honeycombs returned in the 1980s with Anne playing drums and continued as a live act until D’Ell’s death in 2005. David died earlier this year. Anne is survived by their children and five grandchildren.

Who was the lead singer in the honeycombs?

If they turned a song down then it would go to Dave Dee. After Martin Murray left The Honeycombs the mantle of band leader naturally fell to D’Ell. Since Denis preferred blues to pop he turned down a lot of songs.

Who was the lead singer of the honeycombs?

Denis D’Ell
The Honeycombs were big on smiles, their gimmick being Honey Lantree, a smiling female drummer. Their lead singer was Denis D’Ell, who has died of cancer aged 61.

What ever happened to the honeycombs?

On 3 February 1967, the Honeycombs record producer Joe Meek committed suicide at his recording studios / flat on the Holloway Road after an altercation with his landlady who also died. After this, the Honeycombs had no more records issued and the band broke up.

What happened to the drummer from the honeycombs?

Honey Lantree, the drummer (and sometimes singer) for the British Invasion group The Honeycombs, died on Dec. 23, in Great Bardfield, Essex, England.. The cause was breast cancer. She was an assistant to a hairdresser, Martin Murray, when the group formed in 1963.

Who is the lead singer of the honeycombs?