Who won Eurovision with fairytale?

Who won Eurovision with fairytale?

Eurovision 2009 Rybak won the 54th Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow, Russia, with a record 387 points, singing “Fairytale”, a song inspired by Norwegian folk music.

Was there a fairytale in Eurovision?

“Fairytale” is a song written and composed by Belarusian-Norwegian violinist and singer Alexander Rybak, the first single from his debut album Fairytales. The song was the winner for Norway of the Eurovision Song Contest 2009, held in Moscow, Russia.

Who was the winner in Eurovision 2009?

The winner was Norway with the song “Fairytale”, performed and written by Alexander Rybak….

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What genre is Fairytale Alexander Rybak?

Pop music
Folk music

Which Eurovision did Alexander Rybak win?

Alexander Rybak became a household name across Europe after winning the Grand Final of the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest for Norway with the song Fairytale. With a total of 387 points, his victory marked the highest recorded score in the history of the Contest at that time.

How many languages does Alexander Rybak speak?

Alexander Rybak/Languages

When did Alexander Rybak move to Norway?

At the age of five, Alexander and his little family of three moved to Norway and settled at Nesodden near Oslo.

Did Alexander Rybak really play violin?

Alexander Rybak, born in 1986, is a violinist, Norwegian singer, songwriter and actor, quite familiar with young foreign music lovers, with his singing and pulling the violin.

What happened to Alexander Rybak’s Eurovision Song Contest Video?

The most recent video was of Alexander Rybak playing the violin and singing with his backing dancers behind him, where the background occasionally changes from white to black. A video of Rybak’s performance of the song at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest final in Moscow, was chosen by YouTube as one of its 31 most memorable videos of 2009.

What was the inspiration for the song Fairytale by Christian Rybak?

Writing and inspiration. In February 2009, Norwegian media reported that “Fairytale” is about Rybak’s ex-girlfriend Ingrid Berg Mehus whom he got to know through the Barratt Due Institute of Music in Oslo. Rybak has since confirmed this. At a press conference in May 2009 he revealed that the song’s inspiration came from the Huldra,…

Who is the singer of fairytale?

“Fairytale” is a song written and composed by Belarusian-Norwegian violinist/singer Alexander Rybak, and the first single from Rybak’s debut album Fairytales.

Who represented Norway in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2009?

This time we go to 2009, when the contest was held in Moscow, Russia Alexander Rybak represented Norway in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest with the song ‘Fairytale’. Norway won the grand final and brought the Eurovision Song Contest to Oslo in 2010.