Who won 1976 decathlon?

Who won 1976 decathlon?

On July 30, 1976, Bruce Jenner, now known as Caitlyn Jenner, crossed the finish line during the last event of the decathlon to take home the gold medal at the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal.

Who won the 1976 Olympics?

The American men, led by John Naber (who took four gold medals), won all but one event and set 11 world records. Kornelia Ender, winner of four gold medals, led the East German team as it took 10 of the 11 individual events and set 8 world records. This article was most recently revised and updated by Adam Augustyn.

Who beat Bruce Jenner decathlon record?

Roman Šebrle was the first man to score over 9,000 points. Yang Chuan-kwang was the first and, so far, only decathlon world record holder from outside Europe and the United States….Men.

Adjusted points 8,454
Athlete Bruce Jenner
Nation USA
Date 1976-06-26
Place Eugene

Has anyone beaten Bruce Jenner’s record?

Caitlyn Jenner was triumphant at Montreal 1976 The American never left the top spot and ended the final event of the decathlon, the 1,500 metres, on 8,618. A world record that stood for four years until Thompson bested the total.

When did Bruce Jenner win his gold medal?

Caitlyn Jenner, then known as Bruce Jenner, celebrating winning the decathlon gold medal at the 1976 Olympics in Montreal.

Who boycotted the 1976 Olympic Games?

The 1976 Montreal Games were marred by an African boycott involving 22 countries. The boycott was organised by Tanzania to protest the fact that the New Zealand rugby team had toured Apartheid South Africa and that New Zealand was scheduled to compete in the Olympic Games.

How long did Bruce Jenner hold the decathlon world record?

4 hours and 3 minutes
Share. Guinness World Records can today confirm that Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known as Bruce Jenner, has shattered the record for fastest time to reach one million followers on Twitter. The reality star and former Olympic athlete’s new verified account @Caitlyn_Jenner reached the figure in just 4 hours and 3 minutes.

How far did Bruce Jenner throw the discus?

Head To Head

Event Date Result
110 Metres Hurdles 30 JUL 1976 14.84
100 Metres 29 JUL 1976 10.94
400 Metres 07 SEP 1972 49.49
Discus Throw 30 JUL 1976 50.04