Who was the worst American Idol contestant?

Who was the worst American Idol contestant?

Derek Stillings had the number one worst audition. Simon was quick to call him, “The worst singer in America,” without any hesitation. Stillings was 20-years-old when he auditioned for American Idol. He strutted in with full confidence, explaining that he fully intended to be the next Justin Timberlake.

Who died on American Idol 2020?

Nikki McKibbin
Nikki McKibbin, American Idol contestant, dies at 42.

What happened to Cecil on American Idol?

Cecil’s elimination from American Idol was not the end of his time in the spotlight. Days after he was booted from the singing competition, the Texas machine operator was arrested for burglary. In his home state of Texas on April 17, it was reported that Cecil was arrested and this got a lot of fan reactions.

What happened to Sanjay from American Idol?

It is after this, that Billboard believes he decided to step out of the spotlight for a few years, bartending in New York before moving back to his hometown, Seattle, to focus on music. Today, Sanjaya lives a relatively normal life, uploading new music on his Bandcamp website, which you can listen to and buy.

Who was the youngest contestant on American Idol?

Ava August
DANA POINT, CA — Ava August is often touted as the youngest contestant ever on “American Idol,” but there is so much more to this Orange County teen than that.

Who collapsed on American Idol?

American Idol contestant Funke Lagoke was rushed to the hospital after collapsing during her Hollywood Week audition on Monday night. While awaiting feedback on her duet with Ronda Felton, Lagoke began to waver, and she suddenly fell face-first to the floor, busting her chin open.

Where is Doug Kiker now?

The responding officers allegedly investigated and determined there was probable cause to arrest Kiker. At the time of his appearance on Idol, he lived in Mobile, Alabama, and he currently remains in Mobile Metro Jail.

How old is Sanjaya?

32 years (September 10, 1989)
Sanjaya Malakar/Age

Why did Wyatt pipe drop off of American Idol?

Wyatt first stood out during his audition, where he sang an original song he wrote for his sister. By winning the hearts of fans and judges with his talent and authenticity, Wyatt made it to the top 12. He unexpectedly decided to stop pursuing this competition and shared the reason for his departure via Instagram.