Who was the girl in the blue dress in Sofia the First?

Who was the girl in the blue dress in Sofia the First?

Princess Hildegarde is a supporting character in Sofia the First.

How old is Hildegard?

Princess Hildegard of Bavaria

Hildegard of Bavaria
Issue Maria Theresa, Duchess of Württemberg Archduke Karl Archduchess Mathilda
Names Hildegard Luise Charlotte Theresia Friederike
House Wittelsbach
Father Ludwig I of Bavaria

What ethnicity is Princess Hildegard?


Princess Hildegard
Homeland Kingdom of Freezenburg
Race Human
Family King Henrik (father) Princess Astrid (older sister)
Pets Lulu

Who does Princess Clio have a crush on?

Princess Clio
Family King and Queen of Corinthia (parents)
Friends Princess Sofia, Princess Vivian, Princess Hildegard, Princess Amber, Princess Zooey, Princess Kari, Princess Maya, Princess Jun, Ruby Hanshaw, Jade
Enemies Sphinx
Likes Fans, gowns, painting, butterflies, theater, hats, singing, dancing

What color is Amber’s dress in Sofia The First?

blue dress
Princess Amber blue dress Sofia the first.

Who does Princess Hildegard marry?

On 1 May 1844 in Munich, Hildegard married Archduke Albert of Austria, eldest son of Archduke Charles, Duke of Teschen and Princess Henrietta of Nassau-Weilburg. They had 3 children : Archduchess Maria Theresia of Austria (15 July 1845 – 8 October 1927), married Duke Philipp of Württemberg (1838-1917)

Who does Hildegard end up with?

Hilda Suarez
Family Ignacio Suarez (father) Rosa Suarez (mother; deceased) Betty Suarez (younger sister)
Spouse Bobby Talercio (husband; m. 2010-present)
Significant other Santos Reynoso (fiance; deceased) Tony Diaz (ex-boyfriend) Archie Rodriguez (ex-boyfriend)
Children Justin Suarez (son, with Santos Reynoso)

How old is amber from Sofia The First?

Princess Amber
Films Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess Sofia the First: The Floating Palace Sofia the First: The Curse of Princess Ivy
Shows Sofia the First
Gender Female
Age 9 (season 1) 10 (season 2) 11 (season 3) 12-13 (season 4)

How old is Cedric from Sofia The First?

Character Information

Gender: Male
Show: Sofia the First
Occupation: Sorceror
Species: Human
Age: 38