Who was the Australian prime minister in the Simpsons?

Who was the Australian prime minister in the Simpsons?

Andy is the Prime Minister of Australia….Andy.

Gender: Male ♂
First Appearance: “Bart vs. Australia”
Voiced by: Harry Shearer

What did Bart do to Australia?

Marge protests, but Bart agrees to the punishment. However, Bart dodges the kick, moons the Australians with the words “Don’t tread on me” written on his buttocks, and hums “The Star-Spangled Banner”. The outraged mob storms the embassy, and the Simpsons and the embassy staff are evacuated by helicopter.

What do Australians think of the Simpsons episode?

The episode received mixed reception in Australia, with some Australian fans saying the episode was a mockery of their country. Shortly after it had aired, the Simpsons staff received over 100 letters from Australians who were insulted by the episode.

Is the Simpsons popular in Australia?

“The Simpsons has always been been really popular in Australia — it’s probably most well received here, other than the United States, of anywhere in the world,” he said. “In season six, [The Simpsons] came to Australia, that was really well received,” he said, adding it was the family’s first international trip.

Is booting a real thing in Australia?

We outlawed the practice in 1987 only for the practice to be discontinued entirely in 1989. Also, there was no such thing as a ‘booting’. One part that’s wrong is Homer complains Australia’s corporal punishments are too harsh. YOUR country is the one with the issues with corporal punishment.

What states is the Simpson Desert in?

The Simpson Desert is a large area of dry, red sandy plain and dunes in the Northern Territory, South Australia and Queensland in central Australia….

Simpson Desert
Area 176,500 km2 (68,100 sq mi)
Country Australia
States Northern Territory, Queensland and South Australia

Do Australians love The Simpsons?

The fondness for The Simpsons in Australia, like in many other countries, is bigger than it is in the U.S. “They like it in America but they don’t love it,” Reiss said.

Why does Sideshow Bob hate Bart?

Bart Simpson (temporarily friend) Sideshow Bob is about to kill Bart. He became Bart’s nemesis after Bart figured out he had framed Krusty, getting him sent to prison. Ever since then, Bob has been obsessed with killing Bart, constantly plotting his revenge in prison.

Which desert is known as Big Red?

Simpson Desert
The largest dune, Nappanerica or Big Red, is 40 metres (130 ft) in height….

Simpson Desert
Area 176,500 km2 (68,100 sq mi)
Country Australia
States Northern Territory, Queensland and South Australia

What’s the biggest desert in Australia?

the Great Victoria Desert
The South Australian section of the Great Victoria Desert (GVD) is one of nine distinct sub-landscapes in the Alinytjara Wilurara region. It is the largest desert in Australia, spanning over 700 kilometres. Its pristine, arid wilderness includes red sand dunes, stony plains and dry salt lakes.

What episode of Bart vs Australia is Bart in Australia?

” Bart vs. Australia ” is the sixteenth episode of Season 6 . In a way to spite Lisa, Bart makes a prank call to Tobias Drundridge, a naive Australian boy, which sparks international controversy. The episode begins with a bathroom products race between Bart and Lisa at the bathroom sink.

What does Bart say when he gets kicked by the Prime Minister?

Bart agrees to a booting from the Australian Prime Minister, but with a normal shoe and only once; however, as he is about to receive his punishment, he dodges the kick from the Prime Minister. Then Bart moons the Australians with “Don’t tread on me” written on his bum and hums ” The Star Spangled Banner .”

Why did Bart Simpson have to go to Australia?

After he makes a collect call to Australia and refuses to pay for it, Bart sparks an international incident, with the Simpsons forced to travel to the country in order to repair political relations.

What did Bart ask the Australian boy’s father to do?

He then asks the boy to see if the neighbors water is draining clockwise as well. The line is kept open for several hours, when Bart doesn’t hang up, the Australian boy’s father is billed $900.00, even the Simpsons family gets a big phone bill. The man wants Bart to pay, but gets mocked by him.