Who represents Benny in Gnomeo and Juliet?

Who represents Benny in Gnomeo and Juliet?

Benny looks up to Gnomeo and always gets involved in the Blues’ escapades. He is inspired by Benvolio and Mercutio, two characters from William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

Who sings with Elton in Gnomeo and Juliet?

Elton John
Gnomeo & Juliet/Artists

Who was Mercutio in Gnomeo and Juliet?

There is no Mercutio. But there is a Benvolio. Gnomeo’s cousin is named “Bennie,” as in “Bennie and the Jets.”

Who represents Balthasar in Gnomeo and Juliet?

Shroom is a character from the Touchstone Pictures film Gnomeo & Juliet and its 2018 Paramount Pictures sequel Sherlock Gnomes.

Who plays Benny in Sherlock Gnomes?

Matt Lucas is the voice of Benny in Sherlock Gnomes.

Who does Gnomeo represent?

1) As with the play, the gnomes here are split into two warring factions: the blue-hatted gnomes represent the Montagues and the red-hatted gnomes the Capulets. So far, so faithful. 2) Here’s our lovelorn hero, Gnomeo.

Who sang Hello Hello in Gnomeo and Juliet?

Hello Hello/Artists

“Hello, Hello” is a song featured on the Touchstone Pictures film, Gnomeo & Juliet. it was written by John and Bernie Taupin, and sung by Elton John and Lady Gaga.

Who wrote the score for Gnomeo and Juliet?

Elton John
James Newton HowardChris Bacon
Gnomeo & Juliet/Music composed by
Music. Gnomeo & Juliet: Original Soundtrack is the soundtrack album and was released by Buena Vista Records on February 8, 2011. It features music by Elton John (who was also the film’s executive producer), Nelly Furtado, Kiki Dee, and selections from the score composed by Chris P.

Was Zendaya in Gnomeo and Juliet?

Zendaya has fun in her flirty, floral dress on the blue carpet as she arrives at the premiere of Gnomeo and Juliet held at the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood on Sunday afternoon (January 23). The 14-year-old actress was joined by her Shake It Up costars Bella Thorne and Kenton Duty.

Who represents Featherstone in Gnomeo and Juliet?

In Gnomeo and Juliet, there is a flamingo character named Featherstone. Featherstone could possibly be translated to Friar Lawrence because of how much he helps Gnomeo and Juliet try to be together despite having a family feud and being forbidden to love one another.

Is Sherlock Gnomes made by Elton John?

Gregg DeGuire/FilmMagicElton John is the executive producer of the new animated movie Sherlock Gnomes, which also features his songs. “The first film was a love story about how two gnomes from two battling gardens fell in love, and it was very funny,” Elton says.

Who plays villain in Sherlock Gnomes?

Chiwetel Ejiofor
Chiwetel Ejiofor/Watson Ejiofor previously played Solomon Northup in 12 Years a Slave, and he will voice the villainous Scar in The Lion King.