Who plays the colonel in 101 Dalmatians?

Who plays the colonel in 101 Dalmatians?

J. Pat O’Malley
One Hundred and One Dalmatians (1961) – J. Pat O’Malley as Colonel, Jasper – IMDb.

What color is Sgt Tibbs?

Tibbs’ fur is gray instead of brown.

Who voices Roger in 101 Dalmatians?

Ben WrightOne Hundred and One Dalmatians
Tara StrongThe Life and Times of Juniper Lee
Roger/Voiced by
Linda Laude and 4,257 others like this. Stuart Deacon Jr. Did you know Ben Wright who voiced Roger in 101 Dalmatians was Herr Zeller in the Sound of Music? His last voice roll was Grimsby in the Little Mermaid.

How many Dalmatians did Pongo and Perdita have?

2) B – Although Pongo and Perdita end up living with 99 adorable pups (the happy couple themselves are Dalmatians nos. 100 and 101), they start out with 15 of their own.

What kind of dog is the Colonel in 101 Dalmatians?

Old English Sheepdog
The Colonel is an Old English Sheepdog from One Hundred and One Dalmatians. He is an ally to Pongo and Perdita, as he assists in the rescue of the Dalmatian Puppies.

Does Cruella de Vil have a cat?

Cruella’s Cat is a white Persian who appears in the The Hundred and One Dalmatians novel and The Starlight Barking, as well as appearing in an early draft script for the animated 101 Dalmatians film.

Why is Roger in Cruella?

In the animated film, Roger is solely a prospective music writer. By the end of “Cruella,” Roger is seen in his humble flat working on the iconic “Cruella de Vil” tune from the animated feature. According to the film’s production notes, the flat was recreated from footage in “101 Dalmatians” as an homage to the movie.

Is Anita in Cruella?

In the original animated film, 101 Dalmatians, Anita serves only two purposes: To introduce Cruella, and to shake her head at her husband Roger, when he not-so-facetiously pens the beloved Cruella theme song with such lyrical hits as “This vampire bat / This inhuman beast / She ought to be locked up / And never …