Who plays Meep the geek?

Who plays Meep the geek?

Ben Woolf
Benjamin Eric Woolf (September 15, 1980 – February 23, 2015) was an American film and television actor. He is known for his roles in American Horror Story’s first and fourth seasons, in which he played Infantata and Meep, respectively….

Ben Woolf
Occupation Actor
Years active 2002–2015

What is wrong with Meep from AHS?

Ben Woolf, who played Meep in “American Horror Story: Freak Show,” died Monday from a head injury he sustained last week, his rep has confirmed. He was 34. The 4’4″ actor was struck in the head by the car mirror of a SUV while he was crossing a street in Hollywood last Thursday night.

What cast member from American Horror Story died?

Actor Harry Hains
Actor Harry Hains died from an accidental fentanyl intoxication, according to the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner. The 27-year-old, who died on Jan. 7, was best known for his roles in “American Horror Story” and “The OA.”

What happened to Jimmy darling?

After the twins participate in a sham wedding to Dandy, Desiree and Jimmy infiltrate the Mott mansion under the guise of being the new maid and butler respectively. They proceed to poison Dandy and trap him in an escape tank, where they drown him on stage in the big tent while watching from the audience section.

What does Matt Fraser eat?

While relaxing and watching TV, Fraser would eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with a banana — similar to what he would eat mid-competition at the Games. During competition days, Fraser kept his menu pretty much the same but made subtle changes to the number of carbs he was consuming.

Who plays the tattooed guy in freak show?

actor Mat Fraser
So opines Paul the Illustrated Seal Boy in American Horror Story: Freak Show, currently in its final weeks on FX in the US. British actor Mat Fraser, relishing his first American screen role, as Paul, contemplates the question.

Who played Lobster Boy in American horror story?

Evan Peters
Jimmy Darling, played by Evan Peters, performs as Lobster Boy in “American Horror Story: Freak Show.” Why the fishy nickname? Jimmy’s fingers are fused so they look like lobster claws.

Who cut Jimmy’s hands?

In order to pay for the legal help Stanley promised him, Jimmy agrees to cut off one of his hands to sell to Stanley’s “collector friend.” He drinks some poison Stanley just happens to have on hand and is rushed to the ER.