Who played guitar in the doors?

Who played guitar in the doors?

guitarist Robby Krieger
The Doors were an American rock band formed in Los Angeles in 1965, with vocalist Jim Morrison, keyboardist Ray Manzarek, guitarist Robby Krieger, and drummer John Densmore.

What did Robby Krieger do after the doors?

After the Doors disbanded in 1973, Krieger formed the Butts Band with Densmore. He enjoyed some success as a jazz-fusion guitarist, recording a handful of albums in the 1970s and 1980s, including Versions (1982), Robby Krieger (1985), and No Habla (1989).

How old is Robbie Krieger?

75 years (January 8, 1946)
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While much has been said in the 50 years since Morrison’s death, Krieger, now 75, is telling his definitive version of events for the first time in the new book Set the Night on Fire: Living, Dying, and Playing Guitar With the Doors.

Who originally did people are strange?

The Doors
People Are Strange

“People Are Strange”
Songwriter(s) Jim Morrison Robby Krieger
Producer(s) Paul A. Rothchild
The Doors singles chronology
“Light My Fire” (1967) “People Are Strange” (1967) “Love Me Two Times” (1967)

Is Ray Manzarek still alive?

Deceased (1939–2013)
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Did Ray Manzarek play guitar?

Manzarek had played bass parts for the Doors on a piano. He also mastered the combo organ. He played guitar and percussion instruments as well as the keyboards, and he sometimes sang. He was heard in a half-dozen subgenres of rock, including acid rock, blues rock, hard rock and jazz rock.

Which doors are still alive?

Densmore and guitarist Robby Krieger are the band’s only surviving members. Morrison died in 1971 and keyboardist Ray Manzarek passed in 2013.

Does Robby Krieger have any children?

Waylon Krieger
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Yes, he is a happily married man to Lynn Krieger who is an American personality famous as “wife of Robby of The Doors”. The couple tied the knot in 1972 after dating for 4 years. They were blessed with a son called Waylon Krieger.

What did John Densmore do after the doors?

Densmore made more music after the Doors split in 1973, and then turned his hand to acting and dance. But it was grief, it is clear, that drove him to the written word. “It’s funny. I got Cs in English at school.

When did the doors come out when strange?

April 9, 2010 (USA)
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What movie is peace frog?

The Waterboy
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Are there any surviving members of The Doors?