Who played Eddie Van Halen Hot for Teacher?

Who played Eddie Van Halen Hot for Teacher?

+odd from Ann Arbor, MiThe little guitar played by ‘eddie’ (Robby Hitchcock) is a fully functioning 3/4 size “Kramer EVH mini series”, it was made of a Hot red Cortez strat with a maple neck that was routed for a Gibson Humber at the Elementary school off Northwood IV during an Industrial Arts class.

Who was the girl in hot for teacher?

Lillian Muller
The gang over at Yahoo! have tracked down Lillian Muller, the actress who played the hot teacher in Van Halen’s “Hot for Teacher” music video from 1984. Happily, Muller, now 60, is still pretty hot. “I was in my early 30s at the time.

Did Eddie Van Halen play bass on hot for teacher?

An alternate version of “Hot for Teacher,” featuring different lyrics and Eddie Van Halen dueling with himself on bass and guitar, is among the Van Halen treasures locked up in their record label’s vault. And on the intro, which is that great guitar part, he actually doubled it on the bass.

Who played Waldo in the Van Halen video Hot For Teacher?

3) This inspired the catch phrases “I don’t feel tardy” and “Sit down, Waldo.” Waldo was the young man in the video who didn’t fit in. The voice of Waldo was done by none other than the late Phil Hartman of Saturday Night Live fame.

Who was the mom in hot for teacher?

Actress Ruth Silveira has been busy since she played the unforgettable role of the “mother” in VAN HALEN’s “Hot For Teacher” music video more than three and a half decades ago. She’s worked on over 60 television and film projects, including everything from “House M.D.” to “Growing Pains”.

Is Hot for Teacher hard to play on drums?

Then again, it’s almost easy to dismiss something like Hot For Teacher as not being that difficult for drums at all. After all, the sounds of a diesel truck turning on for the first minute or so of the song doesn’t really leave the percussionist with very much to do.