Who owns Simpson Performance Products?

Who owns Simpson Performance Products?

Holley Performance Products
Simpson Performance Products/Parent organizations

Where are Simpson racing helmets made?

The first Simpson race helmet called the R-1 helmet was released in 1979 for use at the Indy 500 auto race. Simpson helmets are manufactured at the Simpson factory in Pedrengo, Italy.

Who owns Simpson racing?

Which Simpson helmet is best?

Simpson Outlaw Bandit
If you’re looking for a helmet to match your muscle cruiser, then the Simpson Outlaw Bandit is probably the ideal helmet for you.

Do Simpson helmets run small?

The Simpson helmet fits comfortably if you choose the right size. If you are between sizes, you should select the smaller size for Bandit helmets.

Where is Arai from?

Arai Helmet

Type Joint stock company
Founder Hirotake Arai
Headquarters Ōmiya-ku, Saitama, Saitama Prefecture , Japan
Key people Michio Arai (executive director) Akihito Arai
Website www.araihelmet.com

What is Simpson racing?

Since developing the world’s first drag racing parachute more than fifty years ago, Simpson Racing has been devoted to keeping you safe and secure from head…

Why choose Simpson Performance?

Since 1959, NASCAR, racing enthusiasts and motorcycle riders have trusted Simpson Performance helmets, head and neck restraints, harnesses, racing suits, gloves, shoes, off-road seats, window nets, drag parachutes and more to provide an unparalleled level of comfort, performance and protection. E-newsletter

How much do Simpson auto racing helmets cost?

Reset Simpson Auto Racing Helmets Price Range FILTER Home Simpson Auto Racing Helmets Simpson Auto Racing Helmets(29) Simpson SA2020 Diamondback Racing Helmet $649.95 SHOP Simpson SA2020 Viper Racing Helmet $369.95 SHOP Simpson SA2020 Super Bandit Racing Helmet $499.95 SHOP Simpson SA2020 Carbon Bandit Racing Helmet $849.95 SHOP