Who owns MediCard?

Who owns MediCard?

MediCard Philippines Inc. (MediCard) president and CEO Dr. Nicky Montoya explains, “As the only HMO founded and run by doctors, Medicard’s plans are recommended and approved by industry experts on board so that clients are assured of right diagnoses, correct lab tests and truthful treatments.

What is covered by MediCard?

Out-Patient Emergency care services will include the following:

  • Doctor’s services.
  • Emergency Medicines used during treatment or for immediate relief.
  • Oxygen.
  • Dressings, ordinary casts, and sutures.
  • Tetanus toxoid, anti-tetanus serum, and active immunization for rabies.

Who is the president of MediCard?

This partnership bolsters our current product offering and further defines our footprint in healthcare” MediCard President Dr. Nicky Montoya said.

How do I contact MediCard?

  1. Text MediCard. Text-in numbers:
  2. For Smart subscribers. (0908) 884-1814.
  3. For Globe subscribers. (0908) 851-2648.
  4. For Sun subscribers. (0925) 714-0618.

Is pregnancy covered by MediCard?

MediCard Philippines Yes, maternity is covered! You may also call or text 09985897988 or 8100149 and look for Otep.

How much does MediCard cost?


Principal Member Only 25,379 30,096
Principal + 1 Dependent 45,908 54,391
Principal + 2 Dependents 67,649 75,224
Principal + 3 Dependents 88,266 94,982

Is giving birth covered by MediCard?

Is XRAY covered by MediCard?

– basic laboratory, x-ray and other basic diagnostic examinations directly related to the emergency management of the patient. – Emergency Complex Diagnostic and Therapeutic Procedures will be covered by MediCard up to P5,000.

How do I pay my MediCard?

You can pay for your RXER and Healthplus Card at any 7-11 branch. On your online application, just select 7-11 or EC pay as your mode of payment. Click: https://webportal.medicardphils.com/rxcardonline/EncodeIndividualApplicant.aspx to know more.

Is miscarriage covered by Medicard?

Yes, maternity is covered! You may also call or text 09985897988 or 8100149 and look for Otep.

Is MRI covered by Medicard?

– CT scan, MRI and ultrasound are covered up to P5,000 each if deemed necessary for the immediate management of the patient.

What does maxicare cover?

– Full confinement benefits such as Room and Board accommodation; use of Operating and Recovery rooms; use of Intensive Care Unit (ICU); Professional Fees of the attending Physician/s; standard Nursing services and admission kit; drugs and medicines for use in the hospital; whole blood / human blood products and IV …