Who owns 90 Acres?

Who owns 90 Acres?

entrepreneur Bob Wojtowicz
Last October, management of Ninety Acres, which is owned by entrepreneur Bob Wojtowicz, was taken over by Montage, a luxury hotel and resort management company based in Laguna Beach, California.

Who owns natirar restaurant?

Sir Richard Branson
Scoring a seat into space on Virgin Galactic wasn’t the reason I went to Natirar, the 90-acre estate in Somerset County, New Jersey, that’s co-owned by Sir Richard Branson (with Bob Wojtowicz).

Where is Pendry Natirar?

Somerset County
Located on 500 acres of rolling hills, parkland and meadows in New Jersey’s Somerset County, in the towns of Peapack-Gladstone, Far Hills and Bedminster – about an hour’s drive west of New York City – Pendry Residences Natirar combine the amenities and services of a premier hotel with the comforts and convenience of a …

What county is natirar in?

Natirar is an estate spanning 491 acres (1.99 km2) in Peapack-Gladstone, Far Hills and Bedminster, in Somerset County, New Jersey, United States. Its name is a reverse spelling of Raritan. The complex was built between 1910 and 1912.

What are they building at Natirar?

The hotel and spa will open in fall 2022 and will include 66 guestrooms and suites. Spa Pendry will include a fitness center, swimming pool, salon, retail boutique and 12 treatment rooms.

Who built Natirar mansion?

They commissioned architects Guy Lowell and Henry Janeway Hardenbergh to design their 33,000 square-foot brick Tudor mansion on their estate; which they named Natirar, an anagram for Raritan.

Who owns Blairsden mansion?

T. Eric Galloway
Blairsden (house)

Owner Blairsden Hall, LLC (T. Eric Galloway)
Technical details
Floor area 62,000 square feet
Design and construction

What are they building at natirar?

What county is Peapack?

Peapack and Gladstone/Counties

Can you ride bikes at Natirar?

Activities include horseback riding, snowshoeing, cross-county skiing, jogging, walking, biking, and fishing.

What county is Gladstone New Jersey?

Peapack and Gladstone/Counties

Gladstone is an unincorporated community located within Peapack-Gladstone in Somerset County, New Jersey, United States. The area is served as United States Postal Service ZIP Code 07934. As of the 2010 United States Census, the population for ZIP Code Tabulation Area 07934 was 1,501.

Can you visit Blairsden mansion?

Blairsden, one of the world’s finest examples of Beaux-Arts architecture is open to the public for the first time as the setting for Mansion in May, which runs through May 31 at the Peapack-Gladstone estate. .

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When will Miraval open in Somerset County?

The Miraval-branded resort does not currently have an opening date. Somerset County operates 404 acres as Natirar, a county park with 247 acres located in Peapack-Gladstone, 124 acres in Far Hills, and 40 acres in Bedminster. The parks features include areas of lawn and woodland, and river access to North Branch Raritan River.