Who makes Horus vision scopes?

Who makes Horus vision scopes?

The Ray Dennis Group of Companies
The Ray Dennis Group of Companies acquired the business of Horus Vision on 07/19/2016. Dr. Dennis is delighted to add the legendary product offerings of the Horus Vision portfolio under a new business known as Horus Vision Reticle Technologies.

Who invented the Horus reticle?

The reticle was invented and continues to be improved by Texas native Todd Hodnett, whose innate and practiced adeptness with ballistic science was honed in the Australian outback.

What is H59 reticle?

The H59 reticle offers illumination for twilight and lowlight conditions. The Horus Grid lets you visually place the target on the appropriate horizontal and vertical grid lines to correct for elevation and windage visually without turning knobs or counting clicks.

What is the tremor 3 reticle?

The TREMOR3™ reticle is designed to maximize the speed and accuracy of marksmen. Its unique use of patented features gives users the capability to quickly estimate the range to targets while also giving the user wind speed and drop correction information for fast and accurate Second Shot Corrections.

Does Nightforce own Horus?

In 2016, Horus Vision was purchased by the Ray Dennis Group of Companies which also encompasses Lightforce Performance Lighting, Ace Precision Rifle Systems, and Nightforce Optics.

What is a Horus scope?

Designed specifically for telemedicine, Horus is an easy-to-use hand-held video system used for capturing images of the body. This system utilizes interchangeable attachments making it ideal for multi discipline medical applications.

What is Mil Dot reticle?

A MIL-Dot reticle refers to a standard, specific pattern of duplex crosshair reticles with four small 0.25 mil diameter dots placed along each axis. These dots are arranged to allow for range estimation. A “MIL” relates to the U.S. Military variation of a unit of angle known as a milliradian.

What is H59 brass?

What are H59 Brass and H62 Brass? H59 brass is the cheapest brass with high strength, high hardness, and poor plasticity. It also can withstand pressure processing under the hot state, its corrosion resistance is average and other properties are similar to H62.

How does the Christmas tree reticle work?

Christmas tree reticles refers to a type of reticles that provide MRAD (or MOA) reference marks for quick wind and distance holdovers. The windage holdovers included increase as the distance holdovers are larger. This creates a Christmas tree shape of reference marks (see the image below for reference).

Where is Nightforce Atacr made?

The glass on the Nightforce ATACR scope models comes from Japan, but the scope is made in the USA.