Who is top scorer in Euro?

Who is top scorer in Euro?

Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo has done it again. Despite seeing his team knocked out in the Round of 16, he managed to win the award for top scorer at Euro 2021 with five goals and one assist….Euro 2021 Top Scorers.

Player Cristiano Ronaldo
Team Portugal
Goals 5
Assists 1
Minutes Played 360

Who won 2012 Golden Boot?

Originally presented by L’Équipe magazine, it has been awarded by the European Sports Media since the 1996–97 season….

European Golden Shoe
Lionel Messi’s 2012–13 Golden Shoe
Awarded for Leading goalscorer from the top division of every European national league

Who will win Golden Boot 2021?

Mohamed Salah is odds-on favourite to win the 2021-22 Premier League Golden Boot, having already scored 14 times in the top flight this season. Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah is now 4/9 to win the Golden Boot after he scored his 14th league goal of the campaign to clinch a 1-0 win over Aston Villa at Anfield on Saturday.

Has England won Euro Cup?

The UEFA European Championship (the ‘Euros’) is a national men’s football competition between Europpan countries, held every four years….UEFA European (Euro) Championship Winners.

Year 1996
Host(s) England
Winner Germany
Score 2-1 asdet
Runner-up Czech Republic

How many goals were scored in the UEFA Euro 2012?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. These are the statistics for the UEFA Euro 2012, which took place in Poland and Ukraine . There were 76 goals scored in 31 matches, for an average of 2.45 goals per match. There were 60 assists made in Euro 2012.

What does Euro 2012 stand for?

The 2012 UEFA European Championship, commonly referred to as Euro 2012, was the 14th European Championship for men’s national football teams organised by UEFA.

What is the record for the most fans at a Euro?

Euro 2012 set attendance records for the 16-team format, for the highest aggregate attendance (1,440,896) and average per game (46,481). Spain became the first team to win two consecutive European Championships, and also three straight major tournaments ( Euro 2008, 2010 World Cup and Euro 2012).

Who hosted Euro 2008 and 2012?

As at Euro 2008 in Austria and Switzerland, both 2012 host nations were eliminated in the group stage. The hosting of the event was initially contested by five bids representing seven countries: Croatia–Hungary, Greece, Italy, Poland–Ukraine, and Turkey.