Who is the son of jagathy?

Who is the son of jagathy?

Rajkumar Sreekumar
Jagathy Sreekumar/Sons

Jagathy married Mallika Sukumaran in 1974 and divorced in 1976. He married Shoba in 1980. They have a son, Rajkumar, and a daughter, Parvathy.

How old is Jagadeesh?

About 66 years (June 1955)

Will jagathy come back?

Mollywood’s versatile actor Jagathy Sreekumar, who took a long break from the industry, is making a comeback. In 2019, he made a comeback by acting in a television advertisement of a water theme park.

What is the age of thilakan?

77 years (1935–2012)
Thilakan/Age at death

Can Jagathy Sreekumar speak?

Jagathy can hear and respond but can’t talk, please bring him back, says daughter. The great actor was reborn at Athirappilly, a land renowned for the waterfalls.

How old is Vijaya Raghavan?

70 years (December 20, 1951)

When did jagathy meet an accident?

March 10, 2012
Everything changed for Jagathy on the night of March 10, 2012, when the car he was travelling in met with a near fatal accident near Calicut University.

Was thilakan married?

Leela Thilakanm.?–2012
Shanta Thilakan

What is the real name of Jagathy Sreekumar?

Jagathy Sreekumar. Sreekumar PK, better known by his stage name Jagathy Sreekumar, or simply Jagathy, is an Indian film actor who has starred in over 1200 Malayalam films in a career spanning almost four decades.

What is Sreekumar’s star sign?

Having born on the star sign of Thriketta, the actor would be donating meals to the residents of the Sree Chitra Poor Home as usual. Sreekumar who was born on 5 January 1951 in Jagathy, Thiruvanathapuram gave fame to his place by making it a part of his name.

What happened to actor Jagathy sumanthiraman?

He is an outspoken orator holding strong views, quite unlike his onscreen image and his speeches are still popular. Jagathy was involved in a vehicle accident in March 2012 and was hospitalized for over a year. He is still on the long road to complete recovery. His film career has been on hold since the accident.

Is Jagathy getting back to acting in Malayalam movies?

As of July 2021, Jagathy will return to acting in the upcoming Malayalam film Kabeerinte Divasangal directed by J Sarathchandran. In the film, Jagathy will be playing a Hindu priest, who is paralysed and wheel-chair bound.