Who is the owner of DAV school?

Who is the owner of DAV school?

Mahatma Hansraj
D.A.V. College Managing Committee

Abbreviation DAVCMC
Formation 1 June 1886
Founder Mahatma Hansraj
Type Private
Headquarters New Delhi, India

Who is JP shoor?

Hyderabad: JP Shoor, Director, Public Schools (PS-1) DAV College Managing Committee, New Delhi, was in Hyderabad on Monday to participate in DAV’s ‘National Sports Meet South Zone (girls)’. During his visit, JP Shoor stated that the institution aims to produce Olympic gold medallists in the near future.

How many branches of DAV school are there in the world?

Today there are more than 780 D.A.V.

What are the special features of DAV school?

DAV Inculcates values, Vedic culture, national heritage, tradition in the young mind. Yoga, Hawan, Karate, Hobby classes, chess, trekking. CCTV cameras in every room. Well secured school campus.

Who is the present president of DAV CMC?

Punam Suri
Punam Suri is an Indian educator, journalist and recipient of the Padma Shri. Suri is president of the D.A.V….

Punam Suri
Years active 2008 till present
Known for D.A.V. College Managing Committee as a president
Notable work President of DAV CMC

Who is the current president of Davcmc?

Sh. Punam Suri

Sh. Punam Suri President
Shri Ajay Suri General Secretary
Dr. N.K. Uberoi Vice-President Shri T.R. Gupta Vice-President
Dr. A.K. Sharma Vice-President Shri Prabodh Mahajan Vice-President
Shri Mohan Lal Vice-President Shri M.L. Sekhri Vice-President

When was the first DAV school started?

1st June 1886
The first DAV school was started at Lahore on 1st June 1886 with the self abnegation of Mahatma Hansraj as a memorial of Swami Dayanand Saraswati, a versatile genius, social reformer, educationist, a benefactor of humanity and harbinger of national movement.

Why DAV school is best in India?

DAVs provide you with quality education equivalent to any school of CBSE pattern along with sports and cocurricular activities. Also, it teaches the essence of Indian culture, values and history, which every Indian must know and understand. DAVs could be an inspiration to modern Indian education system.