Who is the lead singer of camouflage?

Who is the lead singer of camouflage?

Marcus Meyn
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Who wrote camouflage?

Stan Ridgway
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What year was the song camouflage released?


Is camouflage a real story?

Camouflage is a great story song that takes place in ’60s Vietnam. All hope for getting out of the jungle alive appears bleak but out of nowhere the narrator is saved by a mysterious Marine named Camouflage. Despite being an American story, Camouflage did not chart in the U.S., but was a Top 10 hit in Europe.

Does Depeche Mode have camouflage?

” The band`s name is ironic, however, because critics and radio listeners have voiced suspicions that Camouflage is really Depeche Mode in disguise. The Depeche Mode comparisons came to a head when the band visited Los Angeles recently to discuss the album.

Who is in the band camouflage?

Marcus MeynKeyboard instrument
Heiko MaileSynthesizerOliver KreyssigElectronic drumMartin Kähling

Camouflage is a German synth-pop trio consisting of lead singer Marcus Meyn (b. May 2, 1966), Heiko Maile and Oliver Kreyssig. Their only Billboard Hot 100 hit was “The Great Commandment”, which reached No. 59 in 1988, and spent three weeks at No.

What does the word camouflage?

1 : the hiding or disguising of something by covering it up or changing the way it looks The leopard has spots for camouflage. 2 : something (as color or shape) that protects an animal from attack by making it difficult to see in the area around it. camouflage. verb. camouflaged; camouflaging.

Did Stan Ridgway fight in Vietnam?

Ridgway did not serve in Vietnam, but got inspiration from a number of things that was happening at the time. In an interview with Sounds 2, he said “When I wrote the song there were many things happening in my life.

What year was Stan Ridgway camouflage?

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Who was camouflage in Vietnam?

Vietnamese People’s Armed Forces Camouflage Patterns. The Vietnamese Special Forces or đặc công and airborne forces were issued spot camouflage patterns in the 1980s.

Who sang camouflage in the 80s?

Camouflage (Stan Ridgway song) “Camouflage” is a song by Stan Ridgway, from his 1986 album The Big Heat. Despite not charting in the United States, the song was a top 5 European hit, peaking at #2 in Ireland and #4 in the United Kingdom.

When did the song Camouflage by Stan Ridgway come out?

“Camouflage” is a song by Stan Ridgway, from his 1986 album The Big Heat. The song was a chart hit in Europe, peaking at #2 in Ireland and #4 in the United Kingdom, but did not enter the chart in the USA.

What happened to camouflage in the last stand?

On his return, the PFC is informed that Camouflage had been on his deathbed for the past week, and died the previous night; just before his death, he said ” Semper Fi ” and expressed his last wish, “to save a young marine”. Swedish power metal band Sabaton covered “Camouflage” on their 2016 album The Last Stand .

How does camouflage introduce himself in the jungle?

Alone in the jungle, he feels himself surrounded and begins to fear for his life; just then, a “big marine” introducing himself as “Camouflage” comes to his rescue.